Coyote Art Festival in Wicker Park Sept 30-Oct 2

The Coyote is back!

Early in 2008, the Around the Coyote organization set sail on a new course. No longer was the “Around the Coyote” art festival to be an open, Wicker Park Bucktown, neighborhood festival.  Around the Coyote was to transform into a professional, serious, curatorial organization, “convincing the broader art community that they have moved up in quality and that they were becoming something more edgy and interesting”.”

The end result…… early 2010, Around the Coyote “Bites the Dust”…… But the Coyote remained alive.

With the support of the neighborhood, in the fall of 2010, The Flat Iron Artist Organization brought the  Coyote back by sponsoring “Beyond the Coyote”, drawing several thousand visitors to the neighborhood.

This fall the Coyote is alive in Wicker Park. We continue to honor the artistic spirit of Wicker Park Bucktown and invite you to join us September 30th, October 1st and 2nd. 

$10 donation at the door.
Start at 1579 N. Milwaukee @  Flat Iron Bldg.

More than 150 neighborhood artists pay tribute to the Around the Coyote art fest with a showcase of works spanning painting, sculpture and photography. The fest also features performances, a silent auction and refreshments. Grab an event map to find out which local bars and galleries host live music, exhibits and giveaways in conjunction with the fest.


Flat Iron Artists