Ben Cohen in Chicago this Week Promoting his STAND UP Anti-Bullying Project

In case you don’t know, the Gay Softball World Series is town this week! 

Also in town is
BEN COHEN, ranked as one the World’s Best Rugby Players.

At the top of his game, this heterosexual man decided to retire from Rugby to launch  the world’s first organization dedicated solely to the cause of anti-bullying, wherever and to whomever it occurs. STAND UP with BEN COHEN.

Some years ago, early in the evolution of social media, a fan page for the  English rugby player appeared on Facebook. “It had about 30,000 people on it at the time, and they were all men,” recalls Cohen.

Cohen, who is married with twin daughters, found the attention flattering, but also a responsibility. “People were telling us their stories, and I felt it was important to respond,” he says. “I know what bullying does, and I know it can tear you apart, and that, for a lot of young gay men or people who are perceived to be different, there is no family infrastructure to turn to, no support.”

He has been in town this week, making personal appearances and spreading his message.

TODAY, Tuesday August 30th –  Ben will join the Chicago Dragons for Rugby Practice!  On  CRICKET HILL  at  Wilson and Lake Shore Drive , at 5-6pm.

Then from 8-11pm tonight, Ben will be at Sidetrack in Boystown hosting a live auction to raise money and awareness for his project. (Nicknamed  BIG BEN, last year he donated one of his jockstraps to a charity event!)

Ben is very passionate about his project. He says, “We are not about a lot of hot air. We are a TAKE ACTION group!”  Already in just four months, STAND UP has sky rocketed! And soon, a major sports goods label is going to  jump on board….Nike?  Adidas?  they can’t say just yet, but the announcement is coming soon.

Get some STAND UP gear online now!