Rosie O’Donnell Sets up Camp in Chicago this Week at Harpo Studios

It’s been talked about since spring – now, Rosie has arrived in Chicago!

Of course, OWN will broadcast the show, which starts to air in October. (What are they doing between now and then??)

“It’s exciting for the neighborhood here, and certainly for Harpo. To have Rosie come here and do 130 original hours — it’s a lot of work. There’s a lot of energy and excitement,” Sheri Salata, President at Harpo says.

“Rosie so values Oprah’s team,” Salata goes on. “She’s thrilled to walk onto a stage that was once Oprah’s. It gives me a little tingle.”

O’Donnell has said her show will be less celebrity-focused than her prior Emmy-winning daytime show.

“The show will be about real people and real issues,” she told Oprah magazine. “I’ll focus on a single topic for one hour, things people deal with every day. Raising children. The education system in America. Autism. Relationships, health, weight, depression — and happy stuff too, of course. I envision the show being full of love and laughter.”

Rosie arrived this week at Harpo.
I wonder if she will have an apartment at Trump Tower?  (LOL)
Rosie at Trump?
Rosie NOT at Trump?