Absolutely the Best Segway Tours in Chicago

  SUMMER IS  IN FULL SWING  – AND THE WEATHER HAS BEEN GORGEOUS (for the most part) here in Chicago!  And what better way to see the city than on a SEGWAY?!

Did you know?? You can cover about 7-8 MILES of the city, sightseeing in about 2 hours?

Riding the Segway  feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced because there’s never been anything like it. Step on and your instinct will be to steady yourself, as you would on anything with two wheels.

Almost immediately you’ll realize that the Segway  is balancing for you, almost like it has become an extension of you. Just lean forward a little and you’ll see that the Segway  isn’t moving you on its own; it’s moving in response to you and what you tell it to do. It all feels natural and really cool.

The Segway  uses LeanSteer™ Technology to move you from Point A to B. Gently move the LeanSteer frame and handlebar left or right in the direction you want to travel and feel the machine respond almost instantly.

The Segway  balances by using five micro-machined angular rate sensors and two accelerometers that sense the changing terrain and your body position at 100 times per second.

But enough about the mechanics.  I have rode on several tours with Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours   And it was  a great tour and experience!

The owners of the company have over 50 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry, having owned and operated some of the most successful, recognized and reputable restaurants and companies in the Chicagoland area. When starting Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours it was clear that they wanted to create that same memorable service, and to leave visitors with a wonderful impression of Chicago. 

Whether you have lived here all of your life – or just moved here –  riding and touring a Segway in Chicago, you learn SO MUCH!   The Segway itself is only one part of the total touring experience. “We believe that your tour guide will have the biggest impact on your experience. At the risk of bragging, we have the best guides in the business, bar none. That’s because we only hire the best. They have undergone extensive Segway certification training. They have to be professional, courteous, and articulate. So whether the group is comprised of teens, grandmas, or corporate execs, our guides can connect with everyone.” says owner Timmie McGuire Cortina.

They offer several different tours and those can change with the season, and the weather. We recently took the 8 mile / 2 hour Museum Campus tour. Before you can go on a tour, you have to watch a short safety film, then there is a short “class” learning session. But it’s real easy.

With Summer reaching the half way point, get your butt out there and check it out! It’s a fantastic fun time!!

Absolutely Chicago Segways  is located right near Millenium Park at 337 E. Randolph.
If you drive downtown and tour with them, you can park with them for $10 for the day.
Call 312-552-5100 to make your reservations
Tell them Best Gay Chicago.com  sent you!

HELP WANTED –  By the way, they are looking for  Spanish Speaking/Bi-lingual guides. What a job?!  Get outside and enjoy the summer weather, while touring the city and sharing your love of Chicago, with others!  Send a resume  to  Absolutely Chicago Segways !