H.E.R. Day (Health, Recreation, Education) LGBTQA Women June 11

H.E.R. Day (Health, Recreation, Education)
is a day-long symposium of exciting programs and workshops for LGBTQA women. 

Facilitators from Howard Brown Health Center, the Chicago Women’s Health Center, Northwestern University’s Department of Psychology, and other organizations will lead health seminars, a cooking class, and recreation classes like self-defense, yoga, and salsa throughout the day.

Keynote speech will be given by Jessica Halem, comedian, activist, and former  Executive Director of the Lesbian Community Cancer (now Care) Project. Jessica will also close the event with a special performance of her one-woman-show, “Bad Feminist” in the Hoover-Leppen Theater at 7pm.
$15 admission to H.E.R. Day (including the “Bad Feminist show) or $20 tickets to “Bad Feminist” at 7pm.

Seminars and workshops include:

“What I Learned from Cancer
,” Jessica Halem
Sex Ed 101 for L/B/T/Q Women, presented by the Chicago Women’s Health Center

Women, the Media, and Beauty Ideals, presented by Renee Engeln-Maddox, Ph.D. and senior lecturer at Northwestern University

Healthy Cooking Class and Demonstration, presented by Chef Toni Rivera

Tickle Your Fancy: Female Sexuality, Orgasm & What Toys Can Do for You! Presented by Searah Deysach from Early to Bed

Transgender Health, presented by Lois Bates from Howard Brown

Intersex People: What you Should Know and Why You Should Care! Presented by Dr. Veronica Drantz and intersex spokespersons Alex and Mugsie

Salsa dance, instructed by Heidi Landgraf, She-She Salsa Instructor at Edge Gallery

Self Defense, instructed by Matt Cowell of Cowell Martial Arts

Yoga, instructed by Kerri Noto of Tejas Yoga

In Vitro Fertilization for LGBT couples, presented by Colleen Wagner Coughlin, Laboratory Director and Embryologist of aParentIVF

Saturday, June 11, 10AM – 4PM
$15 admission to H.E.R. Day (including the “Bad Feminist show)
or $20 tickets to “Bad Feminist” at 7pm.