Ronnie Kroell and Mom Charlene Sonenberg Talk with Feast of Fun

was in Chicago this week and we had the opportunity to hang out with him over dinner and drinks. Ronnie is humble, sweet, and wise beyond his years!

He also did a podcast with Feast of Fun, with his mom,  Charlene Sonenberg. They talk about coming out and acceptance.

Ronnie was discovered by his mom snuggling in a sleeping bag with his high school boyfriend in his back yard, at the age of 16.

His mother  was shocked and didn’t react well, splashing cold water on the boys, sending Ronnie crying to his dad’s house.

Since then, they have patched things up and become best of friends and his mom is now his biggest advocate and fan.

They offer some good advice for young people and parents everywhere about coming out and supporting your gay teen.

LISTEN TO Ronnie and Mom  on FEAST OF FUN

Watch for Ronnie in the upcoming EATING OUT 4. Rumor has it there may be just a dash of nudity!  Gasp! –  Ronnie really enjoys acting and he and his boyfried Taylor Proffitt are considering moving to Los Angeles to pursure more acting. Ronnie has his  eye on a role as a super hero! 

We’ll be doing a feature on Ronnie and Taylor next month for gay pride!