The Right Side of Forty…Increasing Happiness for Gay Men May 26th

New York-based psychotherapist, Bob Bergeron, LCSW, leads a 90-minute workshop on aging for gay men, at the Center on Halsted. May 26th.

 With over two decades of clinical experience working with gay men, Bergeron provides insight into how being gay impacts comfort with aging.  All ages of gay men welcome, and for gay men over forty – even decades over forty – this workshop is for you!

Right now is an unprecedented moment in our gay history.  Today: we are the first large group of openly gay men to deal with the issues of getting older.  How is that possible?  The earlier generation, the Stonewall men: were decimated in numbers by AIDS in the 80’s and early 90’s.

“Think about how monumental that makes what we are going through now.  I turn forty-nine this year and I cannot even imagine the added security and comfort I would possess with getting older if I saw packs of older gay men in their sixties, seventies and eighties.  If they were still around, it does not guarantee I would be inspired by how they were aging.  But because there would be so many examples of older gay men: it would assist my decisions building my own list of the do’s and the don’ts with getting older.  I am painfully aware that I am forced to figure out my version of success and failure being older without this help.”

The Right Side of Forty: The Complete Guide to Happiness for Gay Men at Midlife and Beyond is the first book on aging for the gay men of the twenty-first century that are struggling through this watershed moment.  With its release in January, my book mobilizes us for taking on our next crucial assignment: helping each other’s aging.  There’s a role for you to make a difference, my book is filled with thirteen chapters of options on how to get involved supporting other gay men while increasing your happiness about your own aging.”

This workshop is presented at Center on Halsted   3656 N Halsted, Chicago
Thursday, May 26, 2011 – 7:00 PM – 8:30PM         $5 suggested  donation
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Registration required –  call Zach Zimmerman, SAGE Special Projects Coordinator, at 773.472.6469 x 437