FREE TICKETS Dov Davidoff In Chicago with Bryan Callen April 14th


Dov Davidoff grew up in a junkyard,
lost his virginity at the age of twelve
with a prostitute in Mexico,
outed his gay cousin over a turkey leg
and he is incredibly funny (all true).


 Combining hyper A.D.D. with an amusingly and acute take on things, Davidoff puts on one of the most high intensity shows in standup making him an audience favorite. It’s Davidoff’s impeccable ability to find common ground with EVERYONE that makes him a truly great comedian. He dissects the irony and problems of the world in a way that makes funny what otherwise isn’t. Dov’s material makes people think and look at themselves, but laugh hysterically while doing so.

Growing up splitting time between a hippie mom’s world travel and his dad’s New Jersey junkyard inspired comedy … and confusion. “I always felt outside the box as a person,” says Dov. “My mother was wrapped up with this commune/cult. I was in India as a kid. You’re around these people with these ethereal ideas … then I’d go back to the junkyard. It was a strange dichotomy. It left me with the desire to figure stuff out.”


He jokes about the largeness of Magnum condoms and how he sort of outed his gay cousin over a game of Pictionary and a Turkey leg!

“We hang out, we’re very close, me and Billy, everyone loves him. But every year my aunt ask’s the same the question…have you met any nice girls? Are you dating??   HE’S WEAR CAPRI PANTS! HE’S  GAY! He’s not a little gay! He’s GAY GAY! I love the gay men! I never understood people who don’t like gay people.”

In addition to performing regularly in clubs and colleges throughout the country, Davidoff was recently named as one of VARIETY’S top 10 TO WATCH. Dov has most notably starred opposite Mark Wahlberg in the film “Invincible,” is seen on any number of TV shows, and co-starred with Jeff Goldblum in the NBC drama “Raines.” He is  a regular fixture on COMEDY CENTRAL,  and a frequent round table co-host on Chelsea Lately.

His  hour comedy special  aired on COMEDY CENTRAL to great reviews.  “Filthy Operation” is coming out soon to DVD.  There’s no doubt that Davidoff has established himself as one of the “MUST-SEE” acts on the scene today.


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Catch him in Chicago, at the Congress Theater,  April 14th. 
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