Isaiah Grass….Model and Singer in Chicago

You know the saying…
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover..

You may look at this young man and would never guess he has a powerful voice, but in fact he does!

Meet ISAIAH GRASS from Chicago.

Isaiah was recognized at a young age where he raised attention to a voice that carries with potential, soul, and purity in its sound. Since middle school he has performed at many different venues such as special events, celebrations,weddings to name a few… When Isaiah writes and composes his music, he is inspired and influenced by an array of genres which carries a deep respect for hip-pop, soul, R&B, rock and others.

Isaiah’s Single  “I’M A FREAK” was released in January with an immediate success with more than 100,000 hits in 3 weeks on his website and over 3,000 “likes” in the well-know Facebook website. The song is a mix of pop and dance.


The agents for Isaiah  released “Starting Over”  in February. This  song  is totally different  from his first single “I’m a Freak”. Think Levi Kreiss / Jay Brannan.



Over the years, Isaiah had explored into what most guys his age only dream of. He has captivated those from many facets of entertainment and revealed incredible potential to make his mark in not only music and modeling, but also as a positive influence and inspiration to those who follow.


“I was enrolled in a Performing Arts school where I could just sing and go crazy instead of sitting in a room reading about formulas, politics and the universe. I met several gifted students who opened my eyes to a higher level of training and competition, which made me realize that I wasn’t the only one with that type of dream. Luckily I was privileged to have teachers who believed in my talent and helped me with my goals of becoming a professional singer.




While I was trying to figure out the direction to take about my singing career, I was contacted by a modeling agency to attend one of their castings, which after some serious talking with my parents, I went.

Out of over 300 people at this casting I got selected.  For the first time, I learned what a contract was but it wasn’t for music instead for modeling. I had mixed feelings because I knew music was my main goal and passion so I juggled the thought in my head of which I really wanted to do…”

So here he is DOING BOTH!

ISAIAH GRASS….One to Watch in 2011!