Cocktail and Svedka Infused Vodkas – Tuesday and Saturday Deals and Fun

Infused liquors
are the new medium for creative expression in the realm of cocktail mixology, and vodka is the ideal spirit, as any number of ingredients easily infuse into this neutral-tasting liquor and shine through with clarity.

Beyond the basic citrus infusions, you can even take the concept to the next level of creativity by using, for example, a combination of tropical fruits, or adding fiery bite with hot peppers. Subtle herb infusions perfect for exotic vodka martinis are obtainable with just a sprig or two of rosemary or basil. Infusions are surprisingly easy to make, with an end result of wonderful depth of flavor. These are exceptional when served chilled and neat, and are handy for quick cocktails with nuance and complexity.

COCKTAIL has started infusing with  SVEDKA vodka!

Cocktail and SVEDKA have teamed up to create delicious organic in house infused Vodkas!

Starting in March, please join us every Tuesday 4:00-5:00 pm and Saturday 2:00-4:00 pm for our in house “Infusion 101.” We will teach all about the infusion process and what makes our infusions with SVEDKA so good.”

Some of their current  creations are lemon, lime, orange, smoked green pepper, and cucumber. And more to come.

“Infusion 101” is not all work and no play….
You can enjoy any of our infusions for 50% off !

Plus  Tuesdays  are  $2  Taco Tuesdays.
Eat and Drink, at COCKTAIL  with food by the Gardens!  3359 N. Halsted.

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