Tim Weber and Restoration Hair Salons….What Makes Them One of The Best in Chicago?

While there is no shortage of hairs salons in the Chicago area, there is definitely a clear distinction between high quality professional salons, and other average haircut salons.


Without customers there would not be a hair salon. Therefore, amazing customer service must be a priority. However, it is surprising how many salons forget how import this is.

Customer service is not just about being cordial and providing the minimum service requirements. Hairdressing salons are in an extremely competitive market. Therefore, hair stylists must go above and beyond to create a great experience for you. Doing all the little things (Ensuring you know the cut a person wants, being friendly, and giving customers your undivided attention) will go a long way to be a great hair salon.

And you want to feel comfortable –  not intimidated. And at Tim Weber’s  RESTORATION salons , they make you feel comfortable, and deliver a great experoence.

Tim opened the original Restoration salon open in Chicago’s historic Lincoln park district in 1993… starting out as a tanning salon.  Restoration has since grown into the established salon it is today. With the success of the first salon,   Weber then had a vision to open a second salon in the quaint and up-and-coming Andersonville neighborhood.  This dream came to fruition in December of 2008.

Our focus is on hair. Our goal is to restore. Our desire idea is to make you happy.  Our commitment is to the needs of our clients. We really do strive to bring you a relaxed yet professional environment. 0ur salons are comfortable, stylish and reflect the creativity of our staff.”  says owner Tim Weber.

How do you find a great staff to ensure a good fit with a salon? 

Weber reveals, “To ensure the highest quality of cosmetologisty, Restoration sets up an “audition”  instead of a traditional interview process. The audition assesses personal style, professionalism, cut and color technique, versatility and personality.  We  want to make sure you get great service and a high-quality experience that will leave you feeling relaxed rejuvenated and restored!”

Customers RAVE about RESTORATION!

“I always look forward to my appointments at Restoration Salon which boast a clean, comfortable and relaxed setting.”

“Most salons make you feel like your being evaluated and judged from the minute you walk in, all the stylist are friendly and fun they have a work dynamic that allows everyone to sit back, relax and truley enjoy themselves, which is more then I can say for”

“Restoration Salon is lovely and the staff are always fun and friendly.”

“Tim Weber and his team know how to have fun, provide great service, and offer a full complement of hair treatments at affordable prices.”

We don’t know ANY OTHER SALON in Chicagoland that gets perfect scores, across the board.

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Restoration Hair Salons

5349 N Clark St 
(between Summerdale Ave & Balmoral Ave)  (773) 769-3237
2151 N. Sheffield Ave    (south of Webster)  (773)327-2151

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