The Perfect Valentines Gift….Merlot & Massage Yacht Cruise in Chicago


Ah, February in Chicago.

What can we say?

Seems like every February
we get a snow storm!
But this year, WOW!

Snow or no snow,
Valentines Day is just
about a week away!


What are you going to give this year that is not ordinary?

Want something new and different and unexpected? We  have good news! We’re here to save you grief and worry this year as you wonder what special treats you can come up with for your Valentine.


This is different….and fun….and something you probably haven’t given before. Plus, it’s affordable and will work for almost anyone, as a great gift idea.

Instead of the usual candy, flowers, jewelry (OK, jewelry is ALWAYS good), this year  give your special someone  a yacht cruise. Not just any cruise… but a Merlot & Massage Cruise.

2-1/2 hours of pure bliss aboard a  private luxury yacht, cruising Lake Michigan. Scrumptious light buffet. (Sample of Captain’s Delight Menu: Spirit Ciabattini Sandwich Platter  with a gourmet assortment of chilled sliced tenderloin, smoked turkey and ham steak, plus  Gazpacho Salad, Sun-Kissed Grape Salad and Chips),  Lush wines (there will be a selection of red and white wines, as well as beer and sodas), and  Sinfully soothing massages.
We discovered these cruises last year, and people talked about them for months.



The spacious and newly renovated 70 foot Free Spirit luxury yacht accommodates up to 120 people. Custom-designed for your relaxation and comfort, inside and out, you’ll enjoy our beautiful Chicago skyline as you cruise on Lake Michigan.

Free Spririt Cruises is offering 2 Merlot and Massage dates this year.
Tuesday, May 24th  5:30pm – 8:00pm
Tuesday, June 21st  5:30pm – 8:00pm
Pick one…. or both. At $50 per person , you can’t go wrong. Just don’t wait too long cause they fill up fast!
Buy gift certificates online:  Merlot & Massage Cruise .
Chair, hand and foot massages provided by Lincoln Park Massage Spa , one of Chicago’s top-rated spas.   They deliver comfort, serenity and balance.

Book a reservation now and surprise your Valentine with something special this year!