World Gym Uptown – Ranked Best Gym in North Chicago

The Number One
New Year’s Resolution….

lose weight and/or
get body in better shape!

Ok, it’s February. 
What have you done about it?

There is no excuse. If you don’t belong to gym or are considering changing gyms, NOW IS THE TIME.

This is the BEST promotion for fitness you will find in Chicago!

Wednesday February 9th.
Fitness Party Promotion  @  World Gym in Uptown
909 W. Montrose    773-348-1212
5am – 11pm (so don’t say you have to work, and can’t make it!)

World Gym is not a health club, but a gym dedicated to the improvement and maintenance of our members’ health and fitness.

“Our philosophy is not to enroll hundreds of new members, induced to sign up by an endless string of “special offers”…but to build a strong base of loyal members and work hard to earn that loyalty in continuum,” says Al, who opened this gym in 1992, but has been in the business a LIFETIME!

“We have found that this philosophy has created an environment where men and women of all ages, from the “just getting started” to the “top athlete,” all exercise in a comfortable, non-frantic atmosphere. We are a result producing, not stress producing, gym.”

World Gym has been voted one of the BEST GYMS IN CHICAGO!  and THE BEST GYM IN NORTH CHICAGO. I have been a member at World Gym for about 8 years now. I can honestly say, it is super clean and constantly updated with the newest equipment and free classes that are always changing and evolving.

On Wednesday February 9th, ALL DAY, World Gym is offering unbeatable promotions!

* 50% OFF on new enrollments, if you mention this article

* 50% OFF memberships, if you mention this article

* Complimentary food, cocktails, and nutritional supplements

So if you have been thinking about a new gym or maybe you just moved here, WORLD GYM has the best facilities, the best prices, and the best perks in Chicago!

Make sure you tell them we sent you!

And watch for   FITNESS TIPS  coming soon from the trainers of World Gym !

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