NUDE DUDES Chicago Mens Nudist Group Gains Popularity

grows in popularity
and attracts the attention of TIME OUT. 

NudeDudes Chicago was founded in August 2006 when its founders, mostly a group of younger and gay male nudists, were discussing how way too many of their friends do not want to come to nudist or naturist groups’ events because they are far younger than most of the people that attend them. Realizing that more of their friends who are interested in the nudist or naturist lifestyle would be more comfortable in an environment made up of peers of similar ages, the original founders set out to throw a nude party.

Cofounder Glenn-Paul Nehlsen, 38, who discovered naturism through an ex-boyfriend, says that other local naturist groups like C.A.N.S. (Chicago Area Naturist Sons) tend to attract older men. Nehlsen, his roommate Jack and others were looking to hang out sans clothing with guys their age. They placed ads on Craigslist and in chat rooms, quickly generating interest. The original founders said they honestly did not have high expectations, as finding others into the nudist/naturist lifestyle had always been a challenge. But the idea was more popular than they thought!

This month TIME OUT did a feature about their nude Poker Game . About 45 naked guys ages 20-40 showed up in Boystown for a night of  gambling! 

NDC events are all nonsexual; the group’s website makes clear that sexual advances are unwelcome. “It can be a challenge,” Nehlsen says, “but people are mostly respectful and they follow the rules.”

Check it out!   Nude Dudes Chicago

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