Chet Haze – Chicago Northwestern Hottie and Rapper

So I am walking down the street the other, down near Michigan Avenue. And there are always hotties everywhere! And we are always on the lookout for potential new male models .

I run into this young guy with a great face!  I stop him and I give him a card, and said he should call us for a  “test shoot” sometime. He blushed, and explained he had never done any modeling, but had done a bit of acting and right now is in school and trying to become known as  white rapper. He said his name was Chet Haze and we should friend each other on Facebook.

So I ran home and did!

Chet has had roles in the Bratz movie and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls,  AND he is the son of TOM HANKS!

TOM HANKS is not someone
I would necessarily call  a HOTTIE!  But Chet….could stop traffic.

Some people find him sexy, I guess. And you may know Colin Hanks? He’s Tom’s  other son, and you’ve probably seen him in Orange County, King Kong, or Mad Men. He’s very cute and charming, just like his old man.

CHET HAZE, the OTHER  son, has the internet is going mildly berserk over the fact his song ‘White and Purple (Northwestern Remix )’ is inspired by the prestigious college he attends. – Yes, he goes to Northwestern in Chicago

I am not a fan of rap…but he is such a hottie, you just have to check it out.

Come on….You know you want to follow him on Facebook  and Twitter !

Best Gay