Talbott Teas of Chicago Gets Blessed by Oprah

Blessed by the
   hand of GOD! 

When Oprah gives you her blessing, it’s the Midas Touch! You are then destined for greatness!

Such is the case a couple weeks ago, when she aired not one, but TWO specials of her Favorite Things, where she showers the lucky audience with gifts.

Chicago men Shane Talbott and Steven Nakisher, partners in business and in life, experienced that once-in-a-lifetime business boom when their company, Talbott Teas, was tagged as one of Oprah’s favorite things this year.

Nakisher said. ” We are so grateful for this opportunity. This is truly a dream come true. Orders are pouring in from around the world. It’s been amazing. We are just busy filling orders and loving it. Our office feels like Santa’s Workshop.”

Talbott, 38, and Nakisher, 41, have been partners for 14 years and live together in Lakeview.

In 2008, when Oprah launched her Chicago store, the duo approached her, knowing she was an avid tea drinker.  They offered to create her a special blend for her store.

“I went right to my lab and got to work,” Talbott said. “I had so many great ideas and had dozens of ideas for tea blends inspired by many of Oprah’s favorite things. After much sampling and editing, I narrowed it down to six blends that I wanted to present to her.

“My assumption was that she would take a look at the options and decide on one to be a featured blend at the store. To my surprise, she loved all six and said we could make all of them. I was blown away. Those six tea blends have been in The Oprah Store since it opened.”

Then, this past  October, the two got a call from one of the producers of the show. It was The Call.

“It was a Friday just after 5 p.m., and we were trying to decide where to go for dinner,” Nakisher said. “I answered the phone and the producer said, ‘Congratulations! Ms. Winfrey has chosen Talbott Teas as one of her Favorite Things!’ ”

Talbott and Nakisher had about a month to prepare for The Oprah Effect—and it truly has been a whirlwind, they said.

When you make one of my teas, you make a statement. Like a silk-taffeta
cocktail dress on a runway model, Talbott Teas are steeped in style.
Elegant. Chic. Glamorous. Shane Talbott

Talbott Teas

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