Best Gay is Sponsoring AMPHETAMINE Saturday Nov. 6th at Landmark Cinema

Visually stunning and emotionally potent,
Amphetamine is an electric rush
of beautiful men, bad boys and bright lights.

Kinetic and vivid, this film tells the story of Kafka, a smooth-bodied swim instructor struggling to stay ahead in Hong Kong. His mother’s health is failing, his father is nowhere to be found, his relationship with his girlfriend is tumultuous, and the only thing he shares with his brother is a powerful affinity for amphetamines.

Ricocheting through the neon metropolis on his brilliant yellow motorcycle, Kafka repeatedly encounters Daniel, a rich, successful, and gorgeous businessman who vigorously pursues him. Attracted to the danger and power they see in each other, Kafka and Daniel form a wild friendship. Their urban adventures draw them closer to one another, and their relationship begins to form a tentative, yet super-charged, romance.

As with drugs, Kafka becomes addicted to Daniel’s love, which hurtles him into a spiral of sexual confliction and fury. This sensual, adrenaline-filled drama goes beyond the traditional definitions of love and sexuality, and explores what happens when the desires of your heart don’t match those of your body.

Amphetamine  (watch the movie trailer !)

Scud (Hong Kong, 2010, 97 min.)         In Cantonese, with English subtitles
Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema (Theater 7)    2828 N Clark St

  Saturday, November 6, 2010       9:15 PM 

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