Josh Wolf and Chris Franjola – 2 Straight Guys Work Their Comedy at ZANIES Chicago October 15-17

Comics JOSH WOLF and CHRIS FRANJOLA flex their metrosexual muscles for 3 nights of comedy in Chicago at Zanies October 15-17.

Both these guys are straight; allegedly! (Not that there is anything wrong with that…) No really they are! On Josh’s MySpace page , it says so. It also says he is 103 years old. I’m just sayin….

Josh Wolf,  with his trademark backwards baseball cap and quick wit, is always a welcome sight on the round table on the Chelsea Lately show  on E!

When he’s not appearing in his weekly spot on Chelsea Lately, he’s filming his top rated web series “College Experiment ” for (It’s sort of a Talk Soup of the Sports News World).  Josh Wolf’s unique, honest and high energy style of storytelling has made him a favorite at comedy clubs across the country.

Josh first got on stage when he was 15 years-old.  His parents had to drive him to the show at which he was told by a “veteran” comic to “talk about what you know”.  Since the only thing he knew was his family, Josh proceeded to do his entire set about how bad his parents’ gas was.  The combination of the crowd’s laughter and parents’ humiliation was enough to hook Josh for life.

He currently is writing a feature film for Adam Sandler’s company.  You can also see Josh on the road most weekends either opening for Chelsea Handler or Larry the Cable Guy , with the Comedians of Chelsea Lately or at comedy clubs across the country.


 In a recent interview Josh was asked..Last year Chelsea Lately did a shirtless round table and if you didn’t know you had a gay following, you probably did after that!

JW:  I heard a rumor!  You know, when we did that I wasn’t sure…you know, they asked me to do it and I was like ‘Oh, boy…”  And the funny thing is they said they wanted me to leave my hat on and they’re going to tape the mic right to my chest so it’s going to be funny.  So, as long as we’re going for funny and ridiculous, I’m in.  I got a few shirtless autograph pic requests.  My response was always, ‘Do you really think I have a shirtless picture of myself?  I don’t have a stack of them anywhere.

I think that’s how we know you’re straight because if you were gay you’d be handing them out to everyone.

JW:  [laughs]  Did you see the picture of Guy [Branum] holding me in Mexico?  I think I get more comments from that than for anything else.

 I talked to Guy recently and he said about you, and I quote, ‘that torso is ridiculous.’  Has he been as vocal to you about his appreciation for your attributes?

JW:  He told me a couple weeks ago, ‘I get jealous when you’re doing the panel and I feel like you’re flirting with other gay men.’  I said, ‘Guy, you know you’re the only guy for me.’  And he said, ‘I want to let you know as long as you can continue to have the definition of your torso that you’re the guy for me.’  [laughs]


In town performing with Josh, is another Chelsea Lately regular, Chris Franjola. Chris needs a good PR agent, I think!  (We’ll discuss this Chris, when we see you next month!) There is very little information about him online!

Chris Franjola is a writer-comedian from Long Island, New York. Chris has been living and working in Los Angeles for the past 12 years in that time he has written on several shows including Family Guy and the original Chelsea Handler Show on E!. Chris is currently a writer and regular performer on Chelsea Lately and he is very excited about being a part of The Comedians of Chelsea Lately tour. Chris also feels weird about writing this bio in the third person.

But seriously, he is a very nice guy. We had the pleasure of meeting him last fall in Atlantic City for the Out in the AC Gay Weekend . He and the totally gay Guy Branum were in town for the 3 day LGBT event.

We asked Chris about the infamous  “Topless Roundtables” on Chelsea.
Are there any lines you wouldn’t cross for a laugh?

CF: Umm … yes, I don’t know what they are yet, but I’m sure I’ll know when they’re asked of me. I’ll never do a pantless roundtable … it’s just too cold in the studio!”

JOSH  WOLF and CHRIS FRANJOLA at ZANIES  in Chicago for  6  shows, October 15-17.
Tickets are on sale now online!  Get them while they last!
All 6 shows are expected to sell out!     $25 plus a 2 drink minimum. 

Josh Wolf website          Josh Wolf  Facebook           Chris Franjola Facebook

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