The New Pie Hole Pizza Joint is Open for Business on Broadway in Boystown

FINALLY, The Hole is OPEN once again serving up the tastiest sausage, delicious pizza creations and the best 10″ you can find at 2am! The new PIE HOLE PIZZA JOINT is located at 3477 Broadway @ Cornelia just 1 block over from Halsted.

Formerly located at the heart of the Boystown  epicenter on Halsted and Roscoe, Pie Hole used to offer contemporary pizza in a charming atmosphere with stunning views of the 7-11 parking lot. Now they offer the same great pizza’a (or create your own)  with stunning views of the Treasure Island parking lot on Broadway and Cornelia!

Owner Doug Brandt says, “The original Hole served its purpose: We offered a place to eat for people coming out of bars,” said Brandt. “They would be drunk and belligerent, and it gave them a chance to put something in their stomach and go home a little more safely.”

After looking around in a few other Chicago neighborhoods, Brandt said he decided to keep Pie Hole in Boystown because of the established clientele. But with the decision to open earlier, Brandt hopes to cater more of a dinner rather than a late-night crowd.

While the late-night pizza spot will retain features like its hours, the décor and the specialty pizza-by-the-slice, Brandt said he wasn’t sure if the former late-night clientele will follow. He said the after-hours crowd can be “fickle” and added that their new location is further from the bars on Halsted. Pie Hole’s early morning hours will be experimental at first.


“We’re going to stay open until 3 in the morning. If people come then, we’re going to capture the business,” said Brandt. “If nobody comes, we aren’t going to kill ourselves to stay open so late.”


Pie Hole will still offer pizza by the slice until 3 a.m. It will now also be open for lunch starting at 11 a.m. Pizza prices will remain the same, starting at $3.50. And customers will be able to customize their pizza, select their toppings and watch their slice being cooked.

Diners can also choose from a menu of 15 pizzas like the WHITE PARTY, BUFF CHICK and CHER AND CHER  ALIKE. Pizza sticks, Cheese Sticks, Salads and finger-licking Toffee Pie are available as well. And the new location is  BYOB friendly.

Brandt said Pie Hole was known for its specialty pizza of the month. Past favorites included the “after-school special” with sausage and marshmallow, and the “Thanksgiving” pizza with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy.

The same oven, the same dough – but on a recent visit,  somehow it even tasted BETTER than before!

Pie Hole Pizza Joint   773-528-8888   

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