Chicago Red Dress Party Moved to 2011

The hottest event of the Fall season
is being delayed, just a bit! 
The new date  is 
APRIL 16th, 2011

While it’s hard to trace the roots of a long standing tradition we’ll do our best to bring you the history of this grand standing event. In the early 1990’s two gentlemen were dating when they both contracted HIV/AIDS.

To show their love and dedication they vowed when one of them passed away the other would attend their funeral adorned in a red dress. From this promise the concept of the Red Dress Party began. Currently there are Red Dress Parties all over the United States from Seattle, Washington to Chicago, IL. Oh and yes… You must wear a red dress to attend!

Equality Project (EQPR) was founded in 2008. EQPR sets out to create innovative social interactions that focus on social consciousness and advocacy. Since the inception we have produced such events as StonewallForty, Equalityoga and Equalitybowl. EQPR is proud to have worked with many organizations and individuals including Lambda Legal, Equal Rights Washington, Gay City Health Project and State Senator Ed Murray. In 2009 Equality Project relocated to Chicago, Illinois.

More details later this year.

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