Open Door Clinic in Elgin and Aurora

We talk so much about the city of Chicago and everything going on here, we sometimes forget about the suburbs and the LGBT communities and organizations there.

When AIDS was recognized in the early 1980’s as being a sexually transmitted disease, the Board of Directors of Open Door Clinic (ODC) felt it was important for the STD Clinic to extend its diagnostic, treatment and prevention services to include HIV/AIDS.

ODC was one of the first HIV Antibody testing sites in the State of Illinois, a service still offered today. In 1988, ODC became the first Illinois testing site to offer one-week results and can now provide results within a few days. The Clinic also offers the antigen test, which reduces the window period. In January 1993, they initiated a pilot project of a broad spectrum “early intervention” HIV Clinic (hereafter named HIV Clinic).

Among the services provided are

  • laboratory testing (CD4, viral loads, etc.)
  • primary physician service.
  • specialist referrals.
  • nutrition Counseling & supplements.
  • substance abuse referrals.
  • mental health referrals
  • information, forms and applications for federal, state and local assistance programs
  • along with professional, compassion, caring  & support.

“Most significantly, we have been able to offer our clients the assurance that the clinic, its services and staff remain available throughout the illness.”

2    Clinic Locations

Elgin, IL
Open Door Clinic      164 Division Street,  Suite 607    Elgin, IL 60120   Phone: 847 695-1093

Aurora, IL
Open Door Clinic      157 S. Lincoln Avenue,  Room K ,  Aurora, IL 60505     Phone: 630 264-1819

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