Chicago Full Moon Fire Jam Monday June 28th

The Full Moon Fire Jam
 is a FREE event that happens every Full Moon during the summer months in Chicago. Started in 2004 by a group of friends celebrating a birthday, the jams have grown in size to accommodate the increasing amount of drummers, fire spinners and families that come to enjoy.

(photo left –William Ching Photography)

It takes place on the lawns About 1/2 Mile SOUTH of Foster Ave Beach on the Lake Front. – Plenty of free parking.
Time is  8:00  this Monday, June 28th. If you want good parking and a good seat, I would advise getting there about 30 minutes early.

You will get see lots  of  Fire & Ultraviolet (UV) Performances – These artists  continue to evolve  their craft with an ever-increasing repertoire of fire and ultraviolet-based tools, weapons, and performance pieces, including, but not limited to:

* Poi, Staff & Double Staff
* Meteor
* Rope Dart, Fire Juggling
* Fire Hoop, Fire Fans
* Fire Eating and Bodywork
* Scimtars / Swords / Knives
* Snakes / Bones
* UV Flags
* Special effects like immersive fire ropes, torches, and lanterns

C’mon down to the Chicago Lakefront for this Full Moon Fire Jam  performance!

Best Gay Chicago