James Cappleman to Take on Helen Shiller in Uptown!

“I’ve always been a grassroots activist,” says Uptown resident James Cappleman. No kidding: The social worker’s résumé is about a mile long and includes cofounding a homeless shelter, receiving the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award, working with HIV service organizations and presiding over the Uptown Chicago Commission.
But his latest endeavor—running for alderman of the highly polarized 46th Ward—could lead to big changes in Uptown. That’s because Cappleman is taking on Helen Shiller, the ward’s alderman for the past 20 years. Her supporters say she’s a strong advocate for the poor, but critics say the neighborhood’s high crime rate and large homeless population mean it’s time for a change (check out What The Helen for some of their complaints). I can attest to that, we live in the hood of Uptown and frequently witness drug deals out in the open and hear random gun shots!  WE  DESERVE  BETTER!

This past Saturday, June 19 on one of the most beautiful blocks in Uptown – Sunnyside Garden Mall at 4500 N. Malden St. – James Cappleman kicked off his second bid to win election as alderman of Chicago’s 46th Ward.

“This is a community that wants to have some say in how decisions are made,” Cappleman says. “They feel left out. There’s a lot of anger.” Although Shiller has trounced challengers in the past, Cappleman feels confident. “We’re using the two areas where Shiller has always based a lot of her support: the poor and the gay community,” he says. “And here I am an advocate for the poor, and I’m an openly gay man.”

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