Kit Kat Offering the Best Dinner Deal in Boystown on Mondays


KIT KAT LOUNGE  in Boystown has long been known for their half-priced  drinks  on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Then on Wednesdays, they also started  offering  “buy an entree – get one free!” What an amazing deal!

Now they have went one step further  with a  Monday Night promotion – 50% off  your ENTIRE BILL!  That has got to be the best deal in all of CHICAGO! Where else can you enjoy the intimate surroundings of a cool supper club, fine cuisine as well as top notch entertainment, for  50% off?!

Speaking of their top notch entertainment, Kathryn Cole is one of my favorite performers (though it’s hard to choose, really). Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Kathryn  worked  by day as a professional Hair/makeup artist doing studio, catwalk, film and television projects, and by night as one of Melbourne’s leading “cabaret” showgirls.

Kathryn worked in every major nightclub in her area and toured with the famous “Les Girls” Revue and “Chestnuts International” .  She is the authentic “Aussie Barbie”,  and  has also made many TV and film appearances in her native country. 

She left Australia 3 years ago to find love and happiness in Chicago and has recently started her own image consulting company  (CHIC  Chicago Image Consultants ) .  “We will teach you how to create and take an original look to completion while improving your personal style from head to toe that will suit your age, career, personality and lifestyle choices. 

Even at home. Your home is your sanctuary, and you should feel at ease and comfortable in your surroundings.  CHIC can help transform any interior space through color choices, accents, plants and more.”  says   Kathryn.

Kathryn is  thrilled to be also working at the world famous Kit Kat Lounge and you can check the schedule at Kit Kat online to see when she is performing.     You can usually find here there 7-10 nights a month.

She exudes a glamorous beauty and charm a always delivers a show-stopping performance as she impersonates iconic performers and serenades patrons.

On Gay Pride  Day, Sunday June 27th,
Kit Kat will open early starting at 11am

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