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Finding a good dentist
or doctor is like finding a good mechanic or any other service professional.

I read a poll recently with the question: Do you trust your mechanic?” And I was surprised to see that 46% of those who responded said “No”, they don’t. This got me to thinking, if you don’t trust your mechanic, why do you bring your car back to them?

If you didn’t trust your doctor, you would find another doctor. Your mechanic is very much like your/a doctor. They have to diagnose and treat your car. In fact, if you want to take it a step further, your mechanic has to be better than your doctor because your car can’t tell them where it hurts!

When I hire service professional, whether it be a mechanic, a plumber, a doctor or dentist, I want someone I can trust, someone who’s advice I value, and someone who will charge me a fair price for services provided and not rob me or overcharge me for things I don’t need.

When we first moved to the Chicago area from Michigan, we needed to find a new dentist, and new doctor. Some newly made friends gave us referrals for both. I had recently chipped a crown so I went to the dentist, I won’t say his name, and upon examining my mouth he told me I was in need in 5 crowns!  WHAT?  How could that be?  I had seen my previous dentist just 9 months prior and had no big issues! I felt this dentist just wanted  my  $6000  to fund his next vacation! I think there is a difference between a dentist who has an aggressive strategy and those that just seek monetary gain, based on a client’s lack of knowledge. Let’s face it – overtreatment and even unnecessary treatment does exist. The vast majority of dentists probably strive to provide the best treatment possible. But like any profession, dentistry has its bad apples.

I quickly fired him and went to another referral, Andersonville Dental and Dr. Anita Shahin.  She examined my mouth and recommended  one filling and 1  “watch” for a possible crown down the road. Nothing in need of immediate replacement.  WHEW!  What a relief.  An  honest  dentist!  It’s like finding a good  mechanic.  Someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.

That was 7 years ago and my partner and I are still clients of Andersonville Dental and tell everyone we know about Anita Shahin.  I am extremely confident in recommending Anita as one of the Best Dentists in Chicago. She provides affordable, honest & friendly dentistry. She does not try to sell you things you don’t need, she explains ALL options very well and is very conscientious of cost factors, insurance vs. no insurance, and above all, the client’s needs.


“I am an old school dentist most would say. I believe in restoring function to one’s mouth first and foremost, not cosmetic appearance initially. Many dentists look at cosmetic appearance first. There are a lot of dentists who try to persuade clients into getting things to make their smile better. Sure, I offer all of those services, but I am not going to try to sell them to you, if you don’t want them or  need them. If you come in with a toothache, we diagnose and fix that problem.” says Dr. Shahin.

“I take a lot of pride in what I do and it is important to me to be able to do a good job at a fair price. I want to do the job right the first time. This makes me happy and most important it makes my customers happy.”

Remember that it is your mouth and your health.
You are ultimately responsible for making the right choices for you.

Your dentist should act as an expert advisor about the past, present and future health and goals of your mouth to help you make the right choices, not a salesperson.

Your dentist should be willing and happy to explain to you:

•Why they are suggesting the particular treatment
•What the treatment is and how it works
•What alternatives and choices exist (including potential consequences of not having the treatment)
•What the pros and cons of available treatment options are
•What treatment they would choose for themselves if it was their mouth!

Your dentist needs to explain and discuss things with you, in a language you can understand and be very clear on the out-of-pocket expenses. Only then can the two of you reach a joint treatment decision based on an informed win-win consent.


What others say about Dr. Anita Shahin and her Andersonville Dental Practice-

“Dr. Shahin has such a “mom” mentality, she’s great at soothing you through something uncomfortable and gently chides you when you’re doing things wrong.”

The night before my Birthday, I broke part of my tooth off and I went in the first thing to get it fixed and they got me right in.  She saw how panicked I was, made me feel comfortable and then asked me if I ate yet.  I told her no, and actually my BF was making me a Birthday Breakfast. She told me to go eat and come back and enjoy my breakfast.  So I ate, came back an hour later and she fit me into her schedule like I was important or something.. I love it!  She won my heart over with her generosity and her passion to make her patients feel as comfortable as possible.”

“The prices are very reasonable, $75 for a cleaning, and she will do her best to work with you and keep costs down for more elaborate procedures if you need.  I also really appreciate the fact that she does the cleanings herself and does not have a hygienist do it.”

“I have been going to Anita for over 10 years, and she is with out a doubt the most  thorough, kind and  conservative dentist you will find in the city.   You definitely will not find yourself a victim of un-needed xrays and costly procedures. Dr. Shanin keeps your teeth healthy and intact with regular cleanings and exams. Her office and equipment are clean, and her employees are friendly and helpful. She takes most insurance plans. I   highly recommend  her to all my friends, and many have become regular patients.”

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Consumers Research Council of America  gave Dr. Anita Shahin their America’s Top Dentists Excellence Award. Consumers Research Council of America  compiled an accurate list of Top Dentists throughout the United States by utilizing a point value system. This method uses a point value for criteria that they deemed valuable in determining the Top Dentists.

Dr. Anita Shahin is also a member of the
American Dental Association  and the Illinois State Dental Society .

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