Gay Co Chicago Presents BREAST IN SHOW Lesbian Sketch Comedy

The women of GayCo
are out front in this
new original sketch revue.

Lesbian couples cope with the only thing worse than a relationship gone horribly awry – a relationship gone horribly aright. Dora the Explorer copes with a tell-tale haircut as she struggles to save healthcare; wymyn who love wymyn get defensive in Self-Defense class; and GayCo boldly embraces lesbian stereotype in their most epic Softball scene ever.

Six talented comediennes take charge in GayCo’s second Women’s show in 15 years, GayCo doesn’t just shatter the glass ceiling – they polish it up to a high glamour so that women can see through.

Runs Saturdays in May     10:30 PM
de Maat Theater    at Second City      1616 N. Wells St., Chicago

TICKETS – $15    Available at the Door Or Call 312-337-3992

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