Gay Beach Chicago – 83 Degrees on April 1st! – No Joke!


What a great week this has been here in Chicago! 75  yesterday  and  83  today!
(Adam, pictured  above).

The Winter snow fences have not even been taken down yet! But that did not stop the 50+
people,  mostly gay men, heading out to Hollywood/Osterman
Gay Beach for some rays of sunshine!

It was a bit windy at times, but the fresh warm air felt great!
A few people even strolled out into the chilly waters!

Progress is slower than I expected on the  new  restrooms.
The foundation is in and the walls have started going up.
7 weeks  until it is supposed to be done.

It will be so nice to have clean, updated bathrooms
and a concession stand!

Best  Gay  Chicago