Gay Chicago Hottie Ronnie Kroell Goes Full Frontal Nude for Playgirl

Reality Television and
Social Media has created
 a new world of celebrities.

The exposure that a TV show and your Facebook fan page can give someone, affords people the ability to reach new heights. Welcome to the 21st Century!

Chicagoan Ronnie Kroell was the only gay contestant on the first year of Make Me A Super Model. Ronnie was  a full-time student at the University of Illinois at Chicago  had plans to take home the top prize. He came very close!  He came in second place but the exposure has been  HUGE  for him and his career.

Cocktails to Couture. From pouring drinks at MiniBar onward and upward to SuperModel, Ronnie has had a couple very busy years!
He has been in the news a lot lately with the buzz around his Playgirl photo shoot!


A couple months ago, Daniel Nardicio of Playgirl secured Ronnie for photo shoot. The Levi Johnston shoot created quite a stir, but Ronnie will go  FULL FRONTAL, all the  way!  The shoot happened this  past week. 

I spoke to Daniel last night.  He called me from New York. “Ronnie Kroell is shot and DONE! He was shot by Lope Navo Wednesday at The Grace Hotel. And I have to say, it’s going to be groundbreaking for Playgirl. The shots are amazing, and Ronnie is yes, hard and full frontal. You will GAG!”

Ronnie revealed, “The theme of the shoot was to celebrate fashion and one’s ability to express themselves, but also throughout the shoot,  being able to see beyond the clothing labels and beyond the labels that society puts on us to reveal something we all have – the human body, fragile, vulnerable and beautiful.”

And he added, “I am VERY happy to have worked with a truly talented creative team on  this  PLAYGIRL COVER SHOOT. Stay tuned for pictures to be released on or before MAY 15th and to get your own copy of the SUMMER 2010 issue of PLAYGIRL on JUNE 15th!!”

Daniel is very excited as well.  He  told me, “I’m convinced that the Ronnie Kroell shoot will bring Playgirl up to a whole new level.

The entire crew made for an exciting day for Playgirl, and a next step in our evolution as a magazine. I trust readers are going to love it.

IT WAS  GREAT! Honestly, it could not have gone better!”

Best Gay Chicago