Felony Hate Crime Charges in Chicago Anti-Gay Attack

The Sun-Times reports:   “On Jan. 10, 2010, Sean Little, Benjamin Eder and Kevin McAndrew were riding the CTA Red Line train when Little allegedly began verbally harassing and shoving a gay youth.

Daniel Hauff, of Rogers Park, came to the youth’s aid, at which point Little allegedly began directing anti-gay slurs at Hauff and pushed him. Eder and McAndrew, who had been watching before, allegedly joined in the assault, calling Hauff a ‘stupid fa***t,’ and all three men began punching and bloodying Hauff’s face in front of train passengers, according to a release from Hauff’s attorney.”

Hauff said he escaped by wiping some of his blood on the attackers and telling them he was HIV-positive.

Yesterday, the misdemeanor batteries against the three men involved in the attack were dropped in court, but they got a bit of a surprise   as they were leaving the courtroom…

“As the three men left the courtroom, they were immediately re-arrested and charged with felony hate crimes as a result of a review of the case by the State’s Attorney and the Chicago Police Department.”

Maybe there will be justice  after all!

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