SISSYBOY Comes to CIMM Fest 2010

The Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, CIMM  FEST,  celebrated its inaugural year with huge press coverage, special guests from all over the globe, an opening night party that included Lech Kowalski’s world premiere event Camera War, photographer Richard Bellia’s first show in the US and much much more.  If there were any reservations the staff had leading up to the opening weekend last year, 15,000 attendees ended that pretty quickly.  Chicago wanted this thing from the start with the Department of Cultural affairs as presenting sponsor and many other fantastic sponsors like Earhole Studios, Reckless Records, and Starbucks helping the first year to be much more than could have ever been expected.

As a film festival created by filmmakers and musicians, CIMMfest showcases visionaries and innovative works that unify us in ways that only movies and music can. Cimm Fest 2010 takes place  March  4 – 7th.

A couple of artists will be of interest to the LGBT community.  SISSYBOY
“Provocative, political, and often in poor taste, Portland’s unclassifiable Sissyboy drag troupe raised eyebrows and hackles for three years before disbanding, its members scattering across the country. No topic, from abortion to Matthew Shepard, was off-limits, and first-time filmmaker Katie Turinski followed them through their last year together, documenting the troupe’s tour of the West Coast. This is not your father’s drag show.”

SISSYBOY has been around since July of 2004. SISSYBOY is a punk rock, back-hand slap in the face, explosive reaction to the ever prevalent need to bend gender roles until they break. Taking the torch from our sisters before us, SISSYBOY has transcended traditional drag by welcoming all gender queer and radical thinkers into a world where anything and everything goes. No longer hiding their complex sexual identities behind the make-up; SISSYBOYs radiate their energy as vulnerable men, fierce women and sadistic shamans, working out our demons on stage.

Theatrically, SISSYBOY is a monthly drag experience of hairspray, duct tape, eyelash adhesive, and stage vomit–all safety-pinned into an unforgetably glamorous show. Tied together by common threads, SISSYBOYs are a progressive drag ensemble, who are at the forefront of the current cultural revolution–entertaining and enlightening their audience while bridging the gap between conventional and unconventional gender roles. They are basically gay white trash who don’t fit into the “normal” gay stereotypes!

Watch the SISSYBOY movie trailer.
Sissyboy will be at  BERLIN  March 5th, 954 W. Belmont
Movie Showing:  Sat. March 6th, 4:30pm,  St Paul’s Cultural Center
2215  W.  North  Ave., Chicago    BUY TICKETS ONLINE

Thee Majesty featuring Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (formerly of Throbbing Gristle) is another of gay interest.  “Thee Majesty began in 1998 as a spoken word project, originally founded by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge of Psychic TV and Bryin Dall of 4th Sign of the Apocalypse, A Murder of Angels and Dream Into Dust. Featuring P-Orridge, Thee Majesty is made up of a revolving group of members including Morrison Edley of PTV3 and The Toilet Boys. Thee Majesty’s music is a mix of spoken word performance art against Dall’s free-flowing guitar rhythms.

LIVE PERFORMANCES by Thee Majesty are uncommon, but CIMMfest will be host to a special OPENING NIGHT presentation, following the  Chicago premiere of as yet to be disclosed documentary, featuring Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, who  also appears in conjunction with Marie Losier’s screening of Papal Broken-Dance.”

Thursday March 4, 7:00pm
St Paul’s Cultural Center  BUY TICKETS ONLINE