Whitney Cummings OUTS a Tv Anchor on WGN? WTF?

If you watch  E!s  “Chelsea Lately”
you may have seen Whitney Cummings 
on  the show before.

She was in town recently at Zanies and made at stop at WGN. Some, found her  hilarious on the Morning News show,  as she  pulled  Paul Konrad out of his weather closet! 

Is  GAY  that  funny?


Brian Drabik of Chicago  sent WGN  the  following  letter –

To the Editor:

This morning I turned on WGN Morning News and Whitney Cummings was on.

While on air, she was sitting at Paul Konrad’s spot at the desk and she updated his Facebook status because he had left his computer logged on. She updated it to say “Paul Konrad is gay.”

People in the studio laughed and Robin remarked, while laughing, “I think he’s posted that before.”

This wasn’t enough. You then later re-aired this clip, with the newscasters laughing and then having Paul remark about how many Facebook comments he recieved in response to the status update.

Is it funny to be gay? Am I missing some comedic gem here? I’m shocked that this was allowed and encouraged. Do you know what it’s like to grow up being gay and teased and humiliated for being different than everyone else?

I don’t understand why it’s okay to use a sexual orientation as a joke, on a news broadcast nonetheless. If the “comedian” said “Paul Konrad is black” or “Paul Konrad is a woman,” Asian or Latino, would that be as funny?

And while I know you aren’t responsible for the comments of your guests, I would expect you to have your newscasters keep their bigoted jokes to themselves. Most of all, I am really upset that it was re-aired, put the video online and you Tweeted about it! So clearly no one there understood that this was just out and out wrong.

I never write letters like this complaining, but I had to today, I am personally offended and truly saddened. I can’t watch your show anymore. I certainly don’t want to watch a station that thinks my sexual orientation is laughable.

I know you sit on the float at the Gay Pride Parade every year to show your support, but now I’ll just wonder if you’re there just to laugh at us.

I would appreciate an apology.


To which  WGN  responded –

Dear Brian:

Thank you for writing to the WGN Morning News. We always appreciate getting feedback from our viewers.

Our anchors did laugh at the comedian for posting a false message about Paul live on Facebook.

Paul got caught leaving his Facebook page open, and the comedian was able to hijack it for all to see.

It’s unfortunate that what started as an attempt at a joke, ended up as offensive to our viewers.

I agree that as the morning progressed, the “joke” took on a life of its own with little regard for the feelings of our audience.

That was wrong and I sincerely apologize for it.

Your e-mail is an important reminder to us that we need to be vigilant against allowing or encouraging feeble attempts at “humor” that display a lack of respect for others.

I’m also sorry that, as a viewer, we let you down.

It is our goal every morning to provide our viewers with the best news, weather, traffic and entertainment in the morning.

I hope one day you will choose to watch us again, so that we may regain your trust.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.


Where do we draw the line?  What if it had been  a  Jew Joke?   Paul Konrad is married.  Why didn’t  Whitney  say  “Paul’s  out banging his  mistress this morning!”  –   instead of  PAUL  IS  GAY?

Watch the video clip on Chicago Now.