Lesbian Comic Kate Clinton in Chicago Sunday January 24th

Lady HaHa –

Kate Clinton
has been a comedian for over 25 years, specializing in political commentary from a gay/lesbian point of view. She was born in Buffalo, New York. She grew up Catholic in New York State and taught high school English for eight years before becoming a comedian. She began her stand-up career in 1981 using her lesbianism, Catholicism and current politics for her jokes. Clinton is a self-described “fumerist,” or feminist humorist, who has set out to prove that being lesbian can be, and often is, funny.

The legendary comedienne will offer her riotous viewpoint on feminism, lesbianism, and life in this one-woman, stand-up performance. See Kate perform her world-famous burlesque Bubble Wrap Dance as she gleefully pops the air out of deniers and disruptors, birthers and dearthers, conservadems and bibliocrats, the -stans and the bans, spine flu and whine flu, ex-gays and A-gays, the audacity of nope and of course, the pope. All material fully digitalized and gorgeously styled by the Haus of Ha.

Clinton takes on the burning issues of the day – popes, politics, marriage, sex, pop culture. You’ll laugh ’til you think!

Sunday, January 24th  6pm, @  Center on Halsted
Tickets $40

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