Heather McDonald – Comedians of Chelsea Lately in Chicago At Zanies December 29


Heather McDonald is a  seasoned stand up   comedienne, actress and writer.

For the last 2 years she has gained popularity on Chelsea Handler’s  Chelsea Lately show  on  E! She is a full-time  writer and story producer on the show and makes regular appearances at the show’s “round table discussions”.

Last summer E!  put together several special shows called  The Comedians of Chelsea Lately, featuring all of the comics that are regularly seen during her roundtable discussions on the show. Now the various comedians venture out on the road touring around the country.  Heather  McDonald will be coming to the CHICAGO  area  for  3  nights!

ZANIES in  Old Town  December 29th,
ZANIES  in  St. Charles  December 30th,
and ZANIES in Vernon Hills  December 31st
Zanies Box Office at 312-337-4027

What can we expect from Heather?  “I talk about my life. I’m married and have been married for 9 years and I have two kids and a stepdaughter and I talk about all that. I don’t know what they edited from it but I did a lot of my impression stuff since I know that’s what I’m known for but I tell stories…my life is pretty funny. I live next door to my parents; I chose to buy a house next door to my parents. [laughs] It’s great if I run out of milk or chardonnay or if my husband used one of my last Vicodin but it’s also like sometimes there’s a lot of pressure. My Mom is practically having an affair with my husband because she wants him to fix things but my Dad is this former Marine that has major ego problems so she’ll be like “Peter, Bob is going to the doctor. Can you come over?” And I talk a lot about pop culture and things. I watch a lot of TV and I can act out episodes and stuff.”

And NO, she doesn’t really have  LONG BOOBS, as Chelsea affectionately likes to imply!  “Oh my God!  I was at the Playboy mansion and someone was like ‘Long Boobs!’ Or someone will come up and say ‘I’ve got long boobs, too!’ I say ‘Listen, it’s a joke. I don’t. But if you want to go to the bathroom to show you, I will.’ But I don’t care because it is such a funny name and one time I did a show with Chelsea and this woman gave me a joke thing that was this long boobs bra, like something you’d get at Spencer’s, and it was hilarious. I mean, I show them off a lot so they deserve to be made fun of. I’m huge on the cleavage so fine, go ahead and do it.”

See you  at  ZANIES!

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