Illinois State Lottery and Red Ribbon Bonus Bucks Raise Money for HIV/AIDS

Get them while they are hot!

This month the Illinois State Lottery brought back the RED RIBBON  BONUS  BUCKS  game.  For  just  $2  per  card, the odds of winning  are  1  in  4.59  and  100% OF NET PROCEEDS GO TO IMPROVING THE LIVES OF THOSE WITH HIV/AIDS.

The Illinois Lottery, in partnership with Illinois Department Public Health, is once again working together to raise millions of dollars to help people living with HIV/AIDS in Illinois and is encouraging residents to “Wrap it Up Illinois.”

“We are incredibly pleased to launch this new ticket and along with the ‘Wrap it Up Illinois’ initiative where we can all stand together to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS in Illinois and across the globe,” said Illinois Lottery Acting Superintendent Jodie Winnett.

During this winter season, the Illinois Lottery is encourage residents to “Wrap it Up Illinois,” and are offering a special red Quality of Life commemorative scarf (while supplies last) to those who submit $20 worth of non-winning “Red Ribbon Bonus Bucks” scratch-off tickets.

Players can submit their non-winning “Red Ribbon Bonus Bucks” tickets to:

Wrap it Up Illinois ,  c/o Emmis Communications
222 Merchandise Mart Plaza ,  Suite 230 ,  Chicago, IL 60654

Illinois has the sixth highest number of AIDS cases in the nation, with more than 40,000 reported cases of AIDS since 1981. Of those diagnosed with the disease, about 19,996 persons have died. In 2008, there were 1,915 persons newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. This represents an 8 percent increase in the number of new diagnoses over the previous year.