Eduardo Sanchez: Reaching for Seventh Moon with Blair Witch’s Passionate Creator… By Guest Writer Brian Kirst

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Eduardo Sanchez will be appearing at Movieside Film Festival’s Terror in the Aisles 3 in Chicago on Saturday, Dec 5th at 7PM at The Portage Theater, 4050 N. Milwaukee Avenue along with writer/director ‘Night of the Creeps’  Fred Dekker.

This week, our guest  writer    Brian Kirst caught up with Sanchez who shared his thoughts  about  the Blair Witch Project and reflects on his other projects….

“Blair Witch gave me a career. I could buy a house, a car. And as for making films, it gives me a reputation that sets me above the average person,” the down to earth Eduardo Sanchez (co-creator of the phenomenon known as The Blair Witch Project, now celebrating its ten year anniversary) gratefully  explains. “It’s a recognizable brand for the rest of my life.”


“That movie was so huge,” he continues, “It was like hitting a grand slam the first time at bat – the stars couldn’t have aligned any more. But, we are mortal filmmakers. I’m not going to make a Blair Witch every time. I got lucky and made it once!”


As for the reaction to his follow-up films, Altered and Seventh Moon, the realistic Sanchez states, “It’s not only public opinion – it’s my own. I put as much energy into those films as Blair Witch – I’m always trying to make a great film so I can’t help but be disappointed when they go straight to DVD. Still, I am as excited about movies as I’ve ever been – and I’m trying to find out where I belong. Am I going to make movies that come out in theaters? – I’m fine being a modest film maker. – I know people really hate my films or love my films. But – most movies are like that. No movie is everything to everyone. But a bad review – even if it’s some punk-ass 14 year old kid blogging – still bugs the crap out of me – even though I know it’s ridiculous.”

But despite any negative reaction, Sanchez provides, “I’ve only done three films. One was the biggest success (Blair Witch), one was not the biggest success (Altered) and one – who knows what will happen (Seventh Moon)?  So, I say let’s keep batting! I’ve gotta keep making films that excite me. When I’m not excited anymore – then I can hang it up. As long as I can keep the energy – that’s all I can do!”

And that Sanchez brand of energy has truly produced some remarkable scares since Blair Witch’s heyday. Altered provides an intense psychological sci-fi gore show (although the studio, wanting a Hostel-Saw combination, initially shelved it) and Sanchez asserts, “It’s the exact movie I wanted to make. I loved the idea of the initial script called Probe and it’s slowly building an audience. It’s still making money.”

Meanwhile, Seventh Moon, recently debuted to much publicity and praise and the proud Sanchez recalls, “Seventh Moon was an experiment. I worked one of the cameras for the first time since film school. I developed a feel for what the movie was supposed to be like and was able to do it. I decided I was going to make a movie that scares people in a few places. I probably went too deep into Hell due to some reactions, actually. It’s one night of Hell for this couple and what it does for them”

What lead Amy Smart did, though, was make a true fan out of Sanchez. “Amy was cool – is one of those people that is just a pro. She turns it on! She’s Amy Smart – all bubbly and cool – and then I yell action and she is all terrified and in it. I would love to work with her again.”

Until that time, Sanchez is definitely keeping his plate full. “Jamie Nash is my favorite collaborator and we’re doing a second season of the online series ParaAbnormal and we’re working on a film called Possession. With that, I am going back to first person cinema. It’s low budget, probably under half a million, and I’m very excited about it.”

Of course, not nearly as excited as the many fans that can’t wait to see what other dark spaces the deep and provocative Sanchez’s mind will take them in to.

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Films shown will be the unrated director’s cut of Dekker’s Night of the Creeps, the original 1974 slasher classic, Black Christmas and celebrating its 10th anniversary, and Sanchez’s Blair Witch Project. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased  at the door or    
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