Can A Leather Daddy Run For a Senate Seat? Joe Laiacona says YES!

Did you see the   READER  last week?! 

Joe Laiacona, a part-time computer science teacher at Columbia College, is running as a reformer (state representative of the 40th District)  against the incumbent, Deborah Mell, daughter of powerful 33rd Ward alderman Richard Mell.

With the help of veteran election lawyer Richard Means, Laiacona has filed a gutsy challenge to her nominating petition, alleging that she’s not a registered voter at her current residence.

That has election watchers buzzing, but it’s not what makes him a historic candidate. And he’s an openly gay man going toe-to-toe with an out lesbian for state office in a working-class northwest-side district—a first.

But there’s more: if elected, Laiacona would be the first known leather master to take office in Illinois.

Read the full article  at the Chicago READER online.

(model  from  Hot House)