Chicago DJ Jimmy B REmiXed on Live365 – Hi Energy Dance Music

This Dance station became popular among thousands of International listeners from over 100 countries, in just the first 2 months. Started in December 2006, it  has developed a great follwing.  Broadcaster, ‘DJ Jimmy B’  (based in Chicago) also has a great site of his own with ‘The Hit List’, which shows listeners favorites. 

REmiXed!  has a lot of Energy Megamixes, Progressive remixed tracks and EuroNRG hits by Suzanne Palmer, Axel F, Milk Inc, Lady Gaga  and many others.  If you have a party, just turn this station on your MAC or PC and any crowd would start dancing hearing the music coming out from your speakers.<Listen>

For readers who don’t know what Live365 is – it is a community of more than 10,000 broadcasters and millions of listeners. Anybody can become a broadcaster and share their music tastes with millions. Just as and Pandora, we have popular tracks, but we also have many custom DJ Mixes, Talk Shows, International Music from all over the world.

REmiXed on Live 365

Jimmy B on FaceBook

REmiXed Group on FaceBook

WARNING: Excessive exposure to REmiXed! may make you think that you can sing, dance & party all day long. EuroNRG, Dance, Trance & more. Tracks are all complete with club versions played whenever possible… including previously unavailable mixes!

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