Roscoe’s – Best Summer Patio For Boy Watching in Chicago…And You Can Bring Your Dog Too!

Located right in the heart of Boystown,  Roscoe’s is the place to hang out in the summer on patio, have some great food, boy watch…and now, you can even bring your dog too!



3356 N Halsted St @ Roscoe,

Long considered one of Chicago’s favorite gay clubs, Roscoe’s offers a friendly atmosphere and a variety of entertainment. There is no stand-and-pose attitude here – everyone comes to drink and have fun. The club itself  is divided into five major areas, each with its own bar. The front room has a genuine tavern feel with dark wood, copper bar,  large windows, lots of video screens and a pool table.

Toward the back, you’ll find a dance floor and an outdoor patio.  Regular drink specials (like pitchers of Long Island Ice Tea or  Vodka and Lemonade), theme nights, Post Office Sundays and special events keep things hoping just about everyday.

In the summer months, the outdoor cafe serves up food from about Noon-10pm. Excellent appetizers like Artichoke Dip  and Pesto, Tomatoe, Goat Cheese Pizza. Great salads, sandwiches and wraps, there is something to satisfy everyones taste.  Roscoe and Halsted is the epicenter of Boystown and a great place to watch people….especially the hot guys walking by! 

Thanks to an ordinance passed this year in Chicago, this is the first season the city officially allows dogs on patios—as long as the bar or restaurant has a Dog Friendly Area License. And Roscoe’s does. Of course, there are a few rules:

• You must keep Rover on a leash.

• You must have you dog’s rabies vaccination tag or other proof of rabies shot.

• The restaurant must have outdoor seating accessible from the street—you can’t walk through an indoor area to get to a patio.

• Don’t expect any food for Fido: These spots are only allowed to provide water for your pooch.

Celebrating 21 years! Owner Jim Ludwig goes out of his way to make Roscoe’s a friendly place.

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