Miss Foozie – Fun and Foozie-licious

If you’re coming to Chicago for a visit, no visit would be complete without meeting Miss Foozie! The unofficial First Lady of Boystown! She can be seen all over town making personal appearances each week at various night spots.  Currently, the best  way to catch her are Saturday nights at CIRCUIT and Sunday afternoons at ROSCOES.  –  If you live in Chicago, chances are you have already been kissed the glittery, friendly, effervescent Foozie.

It’s impossible to imagine the Windy City without Miss Foozie brightening up the social scene with a glitter-festooned face, big smile, warm hugs, adored clarion call—”Hello Pineapple!”—and a loving heart bigger than her hair. 


“It started as a joke,” Miss Foozie says of her first appearance during her 1997 birthday party at Chicago’s Circuit Nightclub. – What started as a joke catapulted Foozie into the spotlight within a few years.  Miss Foozie became  a gay household name as the number one Chicago entertainer, nightlife hostess and general purveyor of feeling good featured in every regional establishment and during every special event. 

Her local popularity parlayed into national appeal, with Miss Foozie making waves in Hawaii, Florida, New York, D.C., California, Las Vegas and Wisconsin. Her one-of-a-kind charm caught the attention of RuPaul, Kelly Osbourne, Bruce Vilanch, Lady Bunny, as well as film and television producers .


Miss Foozie is not a “drag queen”; Miss Foozie is a “personality.” She is funny! She’ll make you laugh. She will make you feel good. She will also love you because Miss Foozie loves people. She always does.

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