Gay HIV+ Star Mark Patton Makes Personal Appearance at THE MASSACRE October 12th

It’s been more than 25 years since MARK PATTON  played the part of Jesse Walsh in A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge,
but the 49-year-old actor has had more in common with the boy whose
body Freddy Kruger once wanted to possess than most people know.

Patton will be in Chicago as part of the annual 24-hour-horror-movie-marathon, THE MASSACRE,  coming up on Oct. 12 at The Patio Theater (6008 Irving Park Rd., Chicago).
He has a great story to tell.  Growing up in the homophobic south he often felt like an outsider in his hometown. Knowing he was a young gay man, and refusing to stay in the closet, he eventually went to New York City, where he could be  free – and safe. Quickly though, Patton found himself in a closet built by those around him who were guiding his career.
However, the darkest moment of Patton’s career came in 1987. He was cast
to play what would have been a groundbreaking gay character on a major
network television series, but what happened next shattered the
promising actor’s Hollywood dreams. “It was what I would consider my
last true hardcore audition,” Patton remembers of nearly getting a part
as a gay character on CBS. He was sitting at table with nearly a dozen
other men. “They began to ask me if I would be comfortable playing a gay
character and telling people I was straight if they began to question
my sexuality? I remember looking around that table and I knew every one
of those men were gay. All I could think about was how everyone I knew
was dying from AIDS and we were having this bullshit conversation. My
heart just broke and that was the line for me. I knew I would never be
able to do what they were asking, so I walked away from Hollywood and
decided to move on to a place where it was totally acceptable to be
Shortly afterwards he was  battling what he thought was a severe case of bronchitis, Patton
underwent a battery of tests and discovered he was not only
HIV-positive, but was also battling a slew of other infections as well,
including pneumonia, thrush, and tuberculosis. “I found out on my 40th
birthday and three days later I was in the hospital,” Patton says. “But
because of the infections I had, they made me take tuberculosis medicine
and that didn’t mix with those older HIV meds. There were so many side
effects.  It was like I was poisoned. ” He pauses for a long moment
before he continues. “I almost died there, but thankfully my friends
took me to an AIDS health clinic, which saved my life.”

October 12, 2013

Patio Theater    6008 Irving Park Rd.    Chicago, IL 60634

Special Guests:

Mark Patton (star of Nightmare on Elm St. 2)
Fred Walton (April Fool’s Day, When A Stranger Calls)
Gary Sherman (Dead and Buried, Raw Meat, Vice Squad)

Noon ’til Noon

Doors Open at 11am.

Film Line-Up Includes:

11:30am-Trailer Trash (Vintage Horror Trailers & Shorts)
Noon-Edison’s Frankenstein (Silent with Live Organ!)
12:30pm – Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman
2pm -The Tomb of Ligeia
3:45pm – Martin
5:30pm – Dead and Buried (dir. Gary Sherman in Person!)
7:30pm – Roger Corman 50’s Trailer Competition
8:15pm– April Fool’s Day (dir. Fred Walton in Person!)
10:15pm– Nightmare on Elm St. 2 (Mark Patton in Person!)
12:15am -The Gate
1:45am-Hellraiser II
3:30am – Deep Red
6am – Wild Zero
7:45am – Slither
9:45am – Army of Darkness 

Plus: Vendor Tables, Prizes, Surprizes,
A Live Charity Auction For Vital Bridges
( and more!

Lots of free parking on the side streets  surrounding the theater!

Pay Once, Come And Go As You Like!

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Tickets are $20 pre-sale online at:

Presale Ticket Locations:
Shake Rattle & Read  (4812 N. Broadway, Chicago)
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$24 at the door, day of show..

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