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Getting Into Face with JoJo Baby and Sal-E

Legendary club kid, doll maker, makeup artist, costumer, and penis-sculpture enthusiast JoJo Baby costars with his clubbing companion, Sal-E, in Bernard Colbert’s lush new  12″ x 12″ coffee-table book Getting into Face: 52 Mondays Featuring Jojo Baby and Sal-e

Bernard’s lifelong passion is to capture high energy, emotionally charged portraits of interesting people.

For 17 years, Bernard has been perfecting his craft, working in the field of commercial and advertising photography.

‘In the vibrant community where I live and work, I find what I have
always been searching for- a sublime energy. Nightlife activity blends
with the arts and diversity of self expression abounds. Here, I can
freely pursue my dream: to document and celebrate that spark within,
which defines the unique nature of our human experience.’

GETTING INTO FACE is a visual feast in the tradition of 1990s club kids. See
performance artists JoJo Baby and Sal-E use their bodies as canvases to
become inspired and whimsical conceptual characters, executed with
expert skill using original, theatrical makeup and costumes. In more
than 100 portraits, photographer Bernard Colbert rigorously captures
these two performance artists in genius moments as psychedelic Hindi
gods, comic book villains, fantastical creatures, astronauts, and much,
much more.

 Colbert’s stunning portraits document these delightful
transformations over a five-year period and are the same body of work
featured in the Clive Barker documentary titled JoJo Baby. Through
Colbert’s collaboration with JoJo and Sal, viewers can experience a
front row seat to an ongoing show which has been entertaining club goers
in Chicago for two decades. This is a portfolio for the visually
adventuress and fans of true creative vision.

Every Monday night, JoJo Baby with friend Sal-E have gone to work as
hosts of Chicago’s largest and longest running house-music dance party,
the Boom Boom Room, which is currently on hiatus from its usual location
at Green Dolphin St., 2220 N. Ashland Ave., while the building
undergoes renovation. It took the duo hours to prepare, and Colbert was
there every week to capture the endlessly entertaining process. He said
he usually only had 10 to 15 minutes to photograph them before they went
on stage.

“Sometimes they would show up and I would look at what they were
wearing and try and quickly comprehend what they were up to, because
sometimes it’s high concept and it’s not obvious right away,” Colbert
said. “It’s interesting right away, but it’s like, ‘What the heck is
going on?’ So I scramble and try and make it happen.”

Colbert, who took courses in commercial photography at Columbia from
1989–1991, said he loves portrait photography and has been drawn to
performers such as models, musicians and athletes—people who are both
interesting and like being photographed.

The combination of unplanned imagination and spontaneity kept Colbert
continually inspired. He said the most successful images captured an
indescribable magic that would often occur.

“It was something that would elevate it from an interesting time to
really high art, and it’s something that fascinates me,” Colbert said.
“It feels elusive, but when you find that you can do it time and time
again, it’s really fun to keep trying to do it.”

The book will also be available at local
bookstores in Chicago and
Getting into Face: 52 Mondays Featuring Jojo Baby and Sal-e


Steamwerkz The Musical Selling out! And Extended!

Even Steamworks!


In a brand new musical from The Annoyance, a wide-eyed gay boy comes to Chicago and makes friends with a ragtag group of characters at Chicago’s most beloved gay bathhouse – Steamwerkz.

“Steamwerkz The Musical” is directed by Clay Goodpasture. Goodpasture is a writer, actor, producer and director that has worked at The Second City, iO, The Playground, and The Annoyance.  He is an ensemble member of GayCo Productions and is fresh off of a year-long run of last summer’s blockbuster hit spectacular, “The Boy Scout Musical, Knot Prepared” which he co-created with Mick Napier.  His directing credits include “Cockettes: A Christmas Spectacular” and “Dread Pirate.” 



“Steamwerkz The Musical”  plasy every Friday at 10:00PM.

 Tickets are $20, $15 for students and  can be purchased at the company’s website or by calling the box office: 773.561.HONK (4665). The Annoyance is located at 4830 N. Broadway, Chicago, Illinois. AND it’s a cute little space.  You can have a drink and see some cool shows!

Steamwerkz-The Musical

Think Alice in Wonderland with glory holes. In this delightfully filthy
musical comedy, a lunkhead from Nebraska follows the stud of his dreams
into a Boystown bathhouse and finds himself in an alternate universe
full of eccentric inhabitants (twinks, trolls, the “King of Steam”),
mind-altering substances, and unique customs (everybody wears towels,
humps anything that moves). Though the comedy goes limp (sorry) as the
through-the-looking-glass premise gives way to a story about lonely
souls “looking for love and settling for less,” the show is redeemed by
Tara Trudel’s peppy score and some sharply drawn characterizations from
the cast. Zach Zimmerman and Chris Kervick are especially good as a pair
of empty-headed front-desk clerks
. -Zac Thompson” 
Chicago Reader


Gay Liberation Network August 1st Meeting

Chicago ’s Multi-Issue, LGBT
 Direct Action Group!

attention to equality and liberation for LGBTs, against America ‘s wars,
supporting labor and immigrant rights, and more, the 
Gay Liberation Network
is there. 

We meet at 7 PM on the first Wednesday of each month at the
Berger Park Cultural Center , at the northeast corner of Sheridan Road
and Granville Avenue (about 3 blocks east of the “Granville” Red Line el

See you AUGUST 1st!  at 7pm.


Gay Deaf Men in Chicago Host 5 Day Event


A group of Deaf Gay men from the Chicagoland
is proud to present the third Deaf Queer Men Only (DQMO) gathering to
take place in Chicago, IL on August 1-5, 2012 for Deaf Gay men from all
over the world to socialize, network, and celebrate our identity as Deaf
Queer Men! DQMO 2012′s theme is ‘A Time to Debrief

This event is a very unique opportunity for Deaf Gay men who love
other men to get together and have fun! The long weekend extravaganza
includes exciting workshops, team building and bonding activities,
multiple contests, touring in the city of Chicago (you will be surprised
with what Chicago have to offer), nightly gatherings and many more.



The People Speak Live with MATT DAMON Jan 31

Based off of the 2009 documentary, The People Speak, The People Speak, Live!
is a benefit performance that features dramatic readings of written
works from people of the past.

This month’s performance will include
readings of a fifteenth century priest documenting Columbus’ arrival in
the New World, a fugitive slave’s scathing letter to a former master,
the words of pathbreaking Chicago labor organizers, testimony of civil
rights activists and more.

The People Speak, Live! performance has officially added
Academy Award Winner Matt Damon
to host the event and compliment a cast
of local talent. The supporting cast includes Robert Breuler and Alana
Arenas of the Steppenwolf Theater, various local poets and Rick Kogan of
the Tribune.

The Chicago premiere will be at the Metro, 3730 N. Clark St., on Jan. 31st.

Tickets are available at $11 to $24. Doors open at 6pm. Performance at 7pm.

Premium tickets available also.


Arbonne Health and Wellness Products Come to Chicago

I recently discovered  ARBONNE!  

And  wanted to tell you about it!  Arbonne is a highly
regarded, premium brand with a Swiss heritage. The products are healthy,
botanically based and inspired by nature. The Arbonne experience starts
with changing the appearance of your skin, then it’s about changing
your life.  – And with harsh, dry, cold Chicago winters, we can all use a little Arbonne!

know that when it comes to buying skin care, cosmetics and nutrition
products, the recommendations and advice from people you trust are

pure, safe, beneficial™

I was on a search for better anti-aging products, than the ones I was using. And I found Arbonne. They have a line called  RE9  for Men. 4 easy to use products with ingredients to soften and minimize signs of aging and helping with fine lines!

I also love the beach and sun in the summer – and I found that they offer  before and after sun products. And again, these are made with natural ingredients, which is important to me.

Arbonne products are dermatologist-tested and botanically
based. Arbonne offers premium-quality beauty, health and wellness
products with targeted results. “We employ consumer and clinical testing
to reinforce our research and ensure our proprietary formulas deliver
unparalleled performance
.” –  and in most cities, there are local reps to help you make your purchases and offer advice.

Troy Karnoff is my local Chicago specialist.



In The Jungle – Final Weeks! Theatre in the Round

In the Jungle
 is a play about a fight between two men, George Garga and C Shlink.   –  and it is being staged inside  Brown Elephant in Andersonville!

Wakadoo Productions and the Howard
Brown Health Organization are pleased to present Wallace Dirge’s
adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s In the Jungle of Cities, directed by
Emmy-nominee Keaton Wooden
. As part of an ongoing mission of Wakadoo
Productions to use Art to serve the community in tangible ways, half of
all ticket proceeds will go to the Howard Brown Health
Organization to
help promote sexual wellness in Chicago for the LGBT community.

Dirges’ In the Jungle, an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s In the
Jungle of Cities, is an allegorical story of the epic battle between a
wealthy businessman and a poor bookseller in 1912 Chicago.

production is running  until  Dec. 18th  at Brown Elephant, 5404 N Clark, at the site of the historic Calo
Theatre in Andersonville.
Each evening the thrift store will be
transformed into a 1912 makeshift boxing ring, with set designed by the
talented Shaun Renfro.

Edward Eberwine III plays  George Garga.  Written in Germany in 1921 but set in Chicago, 1912, In the Jungle portrays the arbitrary duel of a lumber merchant and a poor book clerk.  It takes place in the form of a boxing match, with each scene representing one round. Shlink is a wealthy lumber merchant at the start of the play and Garga is only a clerk in a book lending library. 

The setting was partially inspired by Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, but contains Brecht’s unique imagination and mistaken assumptions about America.  Among the many themes of the play are communism, capitalism, animalism, love, hate and human isolation.  It is a dense, nihilistic portrayal of the human condition. 

We want to make a powerful, memorable event that will not only affect Chicago emotionally, but also physically,” explains director Wooden. “This piece is a tale of the senseless power of hatred, its devilish intimacy and its ultimate destruction, how easily we resort to it and how painful the results are. The danger and perhaps even the draw of this story is its acknowledgment that we all have thought to resort to the vulgar actions made by these characters. I am thrilled to bring this haunting story to the Chicago community.”

“Overall, this a remarkable production, a powerful piece of work
performed in an unlikely setting, with a host of amazingly strong
performances – 9 out of 10 STARS… “

  you can all now get discounts to see the
Originally a $30 ticket, you can now get 1/2 price tickets! 

Go to and type
 in the promotional code “georgewins” for a $15.00 ticket.

For more information, please visit


Magician James Galea Nov. 19

No. 1 Magician and YouTube sensation James Galea will be performing at
the Fine and Performing Arts Center at Moraine Valley Community College
on November 19, 2011.

200 performances in the last year have seen
more than 100,000 fans flock to see his sell-out shows in over 15
countries. Galeaʼs award-winning magic grabbed the attention of ʻTheEllen DeGeneres Showʼ producers earlier this year and he was immediately
flown out to appear on the show.

Due to success of his introduction on
US television, James was invited to perform on ʻEllenʼs Somewhat Special
Specialʼ filmed for TBS in June to perform his signature trick, ʻ673
King Streetʼ.

James Galea is vastly different to the
stereotypical ‘pull a rabbit out of a hat’ magician – he breathes new
life into the dying art of magic and trades the traditional rigid tuxedo
and stiff top hat for a pair of sneakers, jeans and a tee shirt.

and effortlessly cool, James presents the art of magic with a wicked
sense of humor disarming audiences with his youthful charm and
astonishing them with his talent.

James started learning magic at
age 14 from someone he thought was a magician. He later found out that
his mentor moonlighted as a professional con man who cheated in high
stakes poker games. While his colleagues were learning how to make
hankies disappear from old magic books Galea learnt how to deal aces
from the bottom of the deck from a professional card shark.


Moraine Valley Community College
Fine & Performing Arts Center
9000 West College Parkway
Palos Hills, IL 60465

Phone (708) 974-5500


OCCUPY CHICAGO resumes tonight 10-22-2011

Important Occupy Chicago

Protest Tonight! (Saturday)


6:30 PM – LaSalle Street & Jackson Blvd.


The Gay Liberation Network is a proud supporter of Occupy Chicago’s movement for economic justice and end to the wars which rob other nations of their right to self-determination while robbing us of resources that could be put to far better uses.


Here is a message from Occupy Chicago about why you should attend tonight’s protest:


Sisters and Brothers:


As many of you know, 175 people were arrested last Saturday night, during an attempt to set up a 24 hour protest in Grant Park. Many who were arrested were teachers, students, workers, union members, people with and without work, young and old.

At Occupy Chicago we understand this as a gross violation of our First Amendment right to peacefully assemble. Free speech and assembly is a 24 hour right. It does not magically disappear at the park’s Curfew. In a world that continues to have its public space privatized, indeed that continues to have all things public stolen from us, it is essential that we reclaim and build a public space to bulwark ourselves against the oncoming tide ofcorporate greed. We are trying erect a public space, one that is not owned or sponsored, where ideas, democracy, and the resistance against the ever increasing cuts that affect all us, can be fostered.


This is why, on Saturday, 10-22-2011, we will again march out and try to encamp at a yet undisclosed location. This time we march with the full support of the SEIU, CTU, National Nurses United, Stand Up Chicago, Jobs with Justice, the United Electrical Workers, and more. We are joining forces with the rank and file workers of this city who are caught in the same struggle and willing to engage in the same fight. Let us rally in the name of the workers; let us march against a system bent on stealing our futures; and let us end with the construction of a new public sphere: Occupy Chicago’s new permanent home.


Come help us rebuild the public sphere, take back our right to free speech, and demand that the charges against those arrested last week be dropped. Come march with us. Come stand against austerity with your brothers and sisters. Come help us rebuild and take back what has been stolen from us.


Where: Jackson and LaSalle        When: 6:30 pm,


Occupy Chicago
Follow  OC  on  Facebook.


Chicago Poetry Foundation

The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, is an independent literary
organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture. It exists to discover and celebrate the best poetry and to place it before the largest possible audience.

Celebrating nearly 100 YEARS!!  When Harriet Monroe founded Poetry magazine in 1912, she wrote that her publication was “a modest effort to give to poetry her own place.” Now, nearly one hundred years later, poetry quite literally has that place. Opened to the public in June 2011, the  building houses a public garden, a 30,000-volume library, an exhibition gallery, the Poetry Foundation’s programming offices—including the offices of Poetry magazine—and provides new space for the Foundation’s extensive roster of public programs and events.  –  Their building on Superior is a MUST  SEE.  


Upon receipt of a major gift from philanthropist Ruth Lilly, the Poetry Foundation was established in 2003, evolving from the Modern Poetry Association, which was founded in 1941. The Poetry Foundation is one of the largest literary foundations in the world.

The Poetry Foundation works to raise poetry to a more visible and influential position in American culture. Rather than celebrating the status quo, the Foundation seeks to be a leader in shaping a receptive climate for poetry by developing new audiences, creating new avenues for delivery, and encouraging new kinds of poetry. In the long term, the Foundation aspires to alter the perception that poetry is a marginal art, and to make it directly relevant to the American public.

61 West Superior Street    Chicago, IL 60654

Building Hours: 11AM – 4PM

Garden Hours: 9AM – 5PM

Library Hours: See library information for details


ALEXANDRA BILLINGS Oct 7-8, An Improvised Evening With Katharine Hepburn

and STAGE 773
are proud to announce


Returning  to Chicago in


An Improvised Evening With
Katharine Hepburn


 “KATIE’S CORNER is an evening of fun, fun, fun, no matter what you go in expecting. Alexandra Billings is a masterful actress and her sustained speech patterns and overall demeanor as the aging Hepburn are deliciously & devilishly perfect.”

KATIE’S CORNER: LIVE! returns to Chicago after a previous, sold-out performance in April 2011, and extended runs in Los Angeles and Fresno, CA. The performances will feature Chicago favorites Honey West, Molly Brennan (500 Clown), David Cerda (Handbag Productions, The Joan Band), Mitchell Fain and many more surprise guests.

Performances October 7-8, @10:30pm

Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont , Chicago IL, 60657
Box office – 773.327.5252 or


Crystal Bowersox Returns To Chicago – One Show Sept. 17th

Crystal Bowersox was surrounded by boxes in her Chicago home as she chatted by telephone about the rollercoaster she’s been riding since she was the runner up on Season 9 of Fox television’s American Idol.

Packed and ready for a move to Nashville, the “Farmer’s Daughter” singer now juggles married life as the mom of an infant son, Tony, and a blossoming music career thanks in large part to her stellar performances on the show that won her praise from none other than the notoriously picky Simon Cowell.

“I’m always writing,” she said of her songwriting prowess. “The move to Nashville will just be an asset to me. I want to be there, able to access all of the talent there…and plus, our house will have a bigger back yard!”

The woman who grew up poor began shaping a music career even before she was in high school. The idea to super size her goals came about when she learned she was pregnant and wanted to “give my son everything I never had growing up.”

“I don’t really consider myself an ‘Idol’ contestant,” she said while acknowledging her gratitude to the show. “I was a performer starting at ten years old and I played gigs all over. When I found out I was pregnant, I was playing $100 gigs. I had to find a way to do what I loved and provide for my family.”

Although she’s been embraced by the country music community, Bowersox is ready to let her music muse guide her into whatever genre feels right.

“I love country and pop and rock and all kinds of things,” she said rattling off her favorite performers including Eric Church whose latest single “Homeboy” she deemed “really cool” and the New Jersey-based duo Hoots & Hellmouth.””It  used to be when I was a single lady living alone whenever the moment struck me I would write. Now I write down little phrases and lines and when it comes album time, I have all these notes. Sometimes, though, songs come from somewhere else and it could be pop or country or I don’t know.”

Crystal Bowersox returns to Chicago Septempber 17th, with one show at Dominican Univerisity, Lund Auditorium, 7900 West Division St.  GET TICKETS   ONLINE!~


Adam Guerino…LGBT Homelessness to Comedy

Adam Guerino
is a writer in Chicago who works nationally as a stand-up comedian, mc/host, columnist, cartoonist and producer.
He created Queer Comedy at Zanies as well as Laugh Track at Sidetrack and Beauty Parlour: Comedy Never Looked So Gorgeous.

Adam has been featured in Timeout Chicago‘s “Joke Of The Week” and played at comedy clubs in Chicago and New York including ZaniesLincoln LodgeLakeshore Theater and The Edge Comedy Club in Chicago and Shock Therapy and Happy Hour at Bartini in New York City. 

As a producer, he has produced three seasons of the multimedia comedy show The Sarcastic Squad, two seasons of the performance and networking independent art event Art Haus, the sexy spectacle variety show Nightcaps as well as written and produced the full-length comedic play Mattress Matters and producing the short movies, I’m GayEverybody Is Having Sex But Me and Glitter Party.

He says, “I believe a good storyteller retells a journey and a great storyteller takes you on a journey with them. My first stories I told had little to do with my life—they were escapist and fantastical, sending me far away from my town of 4,000 people in Iowa. Beginning in my parents’ basement, I created epic sagas with a huge cast of action figures accompanied with character development, back stories and subplots. By middle school I was committing stories to paper with convoluted, over-wrought science fiction novellas.

I moved to Chicago for college and was a student for two years before dropping out and moving to Hawaii with no job or promise of a place to stay. Friends and family were confused as to how someone with so much passion would quit school, but I figured if I was going to have a hobby it might as well be an exciting one.

I lived in Hawaii for less than six months and in that time went from sleeping on the beach to working at one of the best restaurants in the world. I did interesting things and wrote the entire time

His situation fell apart in Hawaii. After moving back to Chicago within the year, he decided to have more stable, trustworthy living accommodations and moved into a college friend’s studio apartment for the last two months of her lease while she lived with her BF down the block. After a few weeks, the landlord thought Adam was party to an unofficial sublease and he was asked to leave. He didn’t tell any of his old college friends that he had no other place to stay and even told his BF at the time that he was going to go for a walk after a date and would stay up all night at diners, fill journals with stories on residential stoops or go home with strangers for a place to stay.

Within a month, Adam celebrated his 21st birthday asking people to buy him food instead of shots and still maintained his homelessness as a secret. Eventually, he began asking for help from friends–seeing if he could stay on their couches etc. After losing many friendships and his relationship because of his uncomfortable lack-of-living situation, Adam slept on a friends couch, found a job and has been gainfully employed and sheltered ever since. Although Adam mostly blames his homelessness on being stubborn, impulsive and stupid about money, he can appreciate the utter terror of homelessness and how it feels to be treated like a second class citizen because of unfortunate events.

COMEDY   saved him.You’re funny, you should do stand-up,” a friend of a friend said to me at a bar. I thanked her. “No, really, I run the comedy night here,” she insisted.

Within a week, I delivered thirty minutes of stand-up material. For those who aren’t familiar with stand-up, a comedian usually goes a year before collecting thirty minutes of material. My process of rapid writing and delivery became a staple of my style—sometimes writing material the day of a show to make sure my material was quirky, confident and raw. That confidence came from jumping head first into comedy.

Wednesday, August 31st –
Adam will perform at Center on Halsted!

We Are Halsted
is presented and hosted by Adam Guerino with the support of Center on Halsted and the Lakeview Safety and Inclusion Coalition and features music by gender bending belter Vallerie Dolls (Night of 100 Drag Queens), Manny Capozzi and Kyle Greer (Fatally Cool), comedy by Latina lesbian stand-up comedienne Gwen La Roka (Zanies, Amigas Latinas) and dance by a Jerri Blank celebrity impersonator.

We Are Halsted was created for everyone as a sensational, fabulous and affordable variety show. With $5 tickets, volunteer performers, raffle tickets and inexpensive donated beverages, We Are Halsted is a grass-roots fundraiser and an way to support our community’s homeless youth.

There are more than 15,000 + homeless and unaccompanied youth living in Chicago, and according to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, more than 20% identify as LGBTQ.  It may come as a surprise to many that with so many youth facing these challenges there are only 189 shelter beds specifically provided for youth across the entire city.

We Are Halsted is a one-time special event created to bring our community together, to raise awareness about the challenges LGBTQ homeless youth face and to help support organizations doing such good work.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011     7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Center on Halsted (Hoover-Leppen Theatre)

7pm – 8pm – We Are Halsted pre-party

The We Are Halsted pre-party will take place outside on the rooftop overlooking the city. The pre-party will feature inexpensive donated cocktails and beer and will provide a casual setting for socializing and networking before the start of the show. This portion of the evening is limited to those who are 21+ years of age. IDs are required and will be checked at the door.


 Details  online



MTV in Chicago to Film Live Performance of INHIBITION-LET GO, July 9th

coming to the Chicago stage…so unique, MTV is coming to Chicago to film it!

Expose Theater Company
 proudly presents their flagship production- Inhibition: Let GO!

The show, which will be in two acts, will enable it’s audience to let go of inhibitions that tie them down, including the mind, body, and soul.

Allow notable Chicago Drag Queen Tajma Hall and ASCAP recording artist Cyon Flare to set you free! Also set to perform is Andrea Eve, the upcoming pop sensation, performing her single, “Watch Out!” The show doesn’t stop there!

Teri Yaki and the Windy City Beauties, including Dida Ritz, will hit the stage with numbers that are sure to mix the emotions.
Burlesque dancers will be under the spotlight with their Burlesque, sultry acts.

Also set for the stage is Dolce and Gabanna DiVita, and Chicago’s hottest boys, including Anthony Jay, the adorable young man with angelic looks who performs all over Chicago, plus Pavel, Fernando, Tristan, and many more of Chicago’s hottest dancers and choreographers.

Allow yourself to be set free with an evening of raw entertainment!  (above photo…the fabulous go go God, Anthony Jay)

MTV announced today on their website that they will be coming to the Portage Theater on July 9th to
film Inhibition: Let GO!

Parts of the show will be broadcast throughout the summer on television and  internet mediums.

They said, “our cameras will be on hand as model/actress Andrea Eve makes her long awaited debut in the music industry with her live performance of her brand new single “Watch Out”.

The performance will be part of The Six Corners BBQ Fest and will feature Andrea and her dancers on the giant stage of The Portage Theater surrounded by several video screens, lighting elements and a custom built set.”

The event will begin at 7:30pm,
and last 2.5 hours.

An after-party  reception will be hosted in the lobby and foyer of the theater, with meet and greets of the cast, and  more.

Date- July 9, 2011
Time: Doors open at 6:00pm
          Show starts at 7:00pm (drag time)

Where: Portage Theater
             4050 North Milwaukee Avenue
               ( near Irving Park)
             Chicago, IL 60641

Cost: $20.00, which includes after-party. (General Admission)

For  $10 !  Ride the Venga Bus to and from plus get a couple free drinks!

There will also be an after-after party at COCKTAIL, 3359 N. Halsted,  12:30 – close. A bus will take people from the theatre to Cocktail. Party all evening – lots of drink specials!

Tickets will also be available at select locations throughout Chicago.
Buy tickets  online  now.


Chicago Black Gay Pride July 2-4

During Independence Day Weekend (Thursday, June 30th – Monday, July 4th), approximately 20,000 people from across the Midwest and the rest of the country will converge in the city of Chicago for Chicago Black Pride Weekend, the largest celebration in the Midwest for the African-American Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. The weekend consists of dynamic workshops and seminars, feature performances and entertainment, film screenings, health outreach, discussion panels, and vendor exhibitions.

As part of the Chicago Black Pride Weekend festivities, special event and lifestyle marketing firm K Dock Media will host the LUX SERIES, three days (Saturday, July 2nd – Monday, July 4th) of opulent events designed for networking, socializing and excitement in the most beautiful venues and areas of Chicago. With an expected attendance of more than 2000 local and national patrons, the events will include celebrity guest appearances/hosts, viewing of new urban LGBT television programs, discussions with movemakers in the LGBT community and overall good time with new and old friends.

Windy City Black Pride      and     LUX Series Events


Latin Latino Pride in Chicago this Week

 UNITED LATINO PRIDE  – ULP is a group of individual community members, organizations and buisness that identify as Latino LGBTQ and allies. The group was formed to meet the need to educate and celebrate who we are as community.

“There are over 1 million Latinos in the Chicago Land Area meaning that statistically at least 30,000 fall in the LGBTQ spectrum. With such a large population, how can we not celebrate who we are!”

This week ULP is organizing a series of event for Latino Pride in Chicago.  Including:

June 9, 2011     screening “I am the Queen” film Directed by Josue Pellot and Henrique Cirne-Lima

The Event will begin with a small reception and special performance, followed by the viewing of the film and a Q and A.    This event is open to ALL AGES

We are asking for a minimum donation of $10.00 to benefit the transitional living center for Trans identified people, “El Rescate” that Vida Sida is in the processes of… establishing in Humbolt Park, Chicago.

About the Movie: “I am the Queen” takes a look at the often unobserved life of Chicago’s
Puerto Rican transgendered community documenting the Cacique Pageant, the first annual transgendered pageant held in Chicago’s Humboldt Park

The film exposes the restructuring of the family unit
experienced by pageant participants who are often distanced from their
biological family only to find kinship among others in the Puerto Rican
transgendered community.

AND      Saturday, June 11 · 3:00pm – 8:00pm
Latin@ PRIDE Summer Dance

Join us for Latin@ Pride Summer Dance at Harrison Park in Pilsen. Help us kick-off the pride festivities with music by some of Chicago’s leading queer Latin@ DJ’s and some of the queer friendliest DJ’s.

Spinning to the delight of your ears: Dj’s Reyna, Ang G., Feline and (((SONORAMA))).

There’ll be a dance contest, a guac-off (guacamole show down!) and so much more.  
Location Harrison Park in Pilsen ,  19th & Damen    Chicago, IL

More events and details at United Latino Pride.


KalaKranti 2011 Queer South Asians June 4th

KalaKranti :

A festival of
queer South
Asian short film

Saturday June 4,
12pm – 5pm

Columbia College
 Film Row Cinema
1104 S. Wabash, 8th fl.
Chicago IL

Trikone-Chicago presents its annual arts festival: KalaKranti. This year we feature short films by and about queer South Asians.

Filmmakers hail from the U.S, Canada, and India, we include fiction, experimental, and documentary films, and content covers migration, race, online dating, Bollywood, gender identity, HIV, family, beauty pageants, sex work, rural life, and polyamory.

This is a unique opportunity to witness an incredibly eclectic range of aesthetics and images.

Co-presented with Columbia College’s Center for Asian Arts and Media & Kashish – Mumbai’s Queer International Film Festival


International Gay Pop Star Ivri Lider in Chicago June 12th

LGBT Change, a co-sponsor of the
 “Ivri Lider Electronic Trio”,
 is proud to announce a live concert featuring one of the world’s only platinum album gay artists performing during pride month on June 12, 2011 at the House of Blues.

“LGBT Change is excited to be working with a diverse group of friends to bring to Chicago a truly unique artist that captures the spirit of international equality,” said LGBT Change Co-Executive Director Matthew Zaradich. “For years his music has been inspiring the young generation and helping to build momentum in the connection between the entertainment industry and the civil rights movement”.

For nearly 15 years, countless people around the world have discovered this passionate artist who bares his soul on every record.  With Lider’s keen sense of songwriting, myriad genre-hopping and gorgeous vocal melodies, his latest album highlights why he’s considered by many to be in a class of his own.

For Lider, who has already gained success throughout Europe, the decision to answer calls of outspoken fans to develop his presence in the U.S. was an obvious progression. “It’s gotten to the point where if Perez Hilton is blogging about my record, I’m probably doing something right,” says Lider candidly. 

In January 2002 Lider spoke openly about his sexual orientation in a cover-story interview to the daily newspaper Ma’ariv, which attracted a lot of attention. He later said, “On a personal level, I felt complete and happy with my life and who I am, and I didn’t see any reason to not talk about it. It seemed strange to have an interview and not to talk about it, about my boyfriend, about my life. On a less personal level, I felt it’s kind of my obligation. When you’re an artist and you’re doing well and you’re successful, you get a lot of love and appreciation and energy and good things from people, and I think you need to give it back. Maybe I can influence people and help younger people that struggle — help them to be able to change their views, and stuff like that.”

Join us as we welcome Ivri to the House of Blues on June 12!
 Pre-concert VIP Reception at a local lounge to be announced. 
For more information visit LGBT Change.

Ivri Lider online


QUEERGASM May 28th at Marys Attic


A Cabaret of
Queer Performance

Saturday May 28,
Mary’s Attic
5400 N. Clark Ave
Chicago IL

Northwestern University’s Queer Pride Graduate Student Association presents an evening of burlesque, drag, stand up, sketch comedy, belly dance, poetry, music, and more!  Featuring DAAN, Candy Lawrence, Jay Welch, Rebecca Kling, Dan Stermer, Mo Welch, Trandroid, Oliver Bendorf, Lahore Vagistan and more!

Come find out what makes YOU queergasm!

Queergasm! is part of NUQPGSA’s annual Queertopia! academic festival, and is co-sponsored by The Sexualities Project at Northwestern, NU Performance Studies, and NU Gender Studies.


SISTER SPIT Next Generation CHICAGO April 18

RADAR Productions, a San Francisco-based queer literary arts non-profit organization, presents the Sister Spit Next Generation’s 5th annual North American Tour.  Featuring literary luminary Michelle Tea, (Best Music Writing 2010, Chelsea Whistle, Valencia, Rent Girl), writer and provocative performance artist Kirk Read (How I Learned To Snap), graphic novelist and visual artist MariNaomi (Kiss & Tell), award-winning poet laureate of the obsessed and tormented Ali Liebegott (The IHOP Papers, The Beautifully Worthless), novelist and film fodder Blake Nelson (Girl, Paranoid Park, Recovery Road), photographer and Original Plumbing transmale quarterly publisher Amos Mac, and award-winning transmitter-writer of brilliantly terrifying fairy tales Myriam Gurba (Dahlia Season).  

This vanload of magnificent underground feminist-centric, queer-influenced brilliance blazes across the land and into your town. The latest in the tradition of rowdy, raucous literary adventures stretching all the way back to 1997 featuring your new favorite performers! 

The  Chicago show features special guest poet Lenelle Moïse!

Sister Spit- Next Generation CHICAGO
A multimedia literary explosion of zinesters, fashion plates, novelists, performance artists, poets and fancy scribblers. Special guest poet Lenelle Moïse!
WHEN:                                   Monday, April 18, 2011  Doors 7/ Show 8
WHERE:                                 Subterranean  2011 W. North Ave. 
TICKETS:                               $10 at the door  SISTER  SPIT  online


Chicago Area Lesbian Student Wins Right to Wear Tux to Prom

An openly lesbian Chicago-area high school senior who was told she could not wear a tuxedo to her prom has now won the right to do so.

 Proviso East High School student , Belinda Sanchez hopes to one day become a civil rights attorney. On Thursday, the 18-year-old got her first taste of victory, winning the right to wear a tuxedo to her upcoming senior prom.

Sanchez was initially told by the Maywood school’s principal, Milton Patch, that she could not wear a tuxedo to her prom and needed to wear a dress.

“I was just shocked,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez, a lesbian, said has been open about her sexuality since freshman year. She said the school has an active gay-straight alliance and it is very supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.

She wound up contacting the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois over the prom situation. On Wednesday, the group sent a letter to the school district backing her position.

“This sends a negative message to other students that they can’t express who they are,” said John Knight, director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Project at the ACLU. “It’s a First Amendment right, a free speech right, and that includes her right to send a message through wearing male clothing that she doesn’t think women should be restricted to traditional female clothing.”

In a quick 24 hour response –  the Proviso Township school district sent a response to Knight saying that Sanchez will be allowed to wear a tuxedo to the prom, on April 22.

 High school lesbians wearing tuxes in school has foolishly been an issue all over the country. You would think this would be an a non-issue.  Come on, a Chicago suburb pulling this? A reminder conservatives are everywhere. 

A school district spokeswoman wrote an email to the Tribune about how the incident involving Sanchez has been a learning experience for the school: “(Sanchez has opened) up a new, very interesting and healthy dialogue in terms of our prom review procedures. We support our students in all of their differences and we encourage them to express themselves in various ways as long as it is not disruptive to the school environment. The principal gave his initial determination based on his interpretation of the policy, and the student asked that it be reconsidered. After looking into the policy — it was.”


Cinema Q – Free LGBT Films On Wednesdays

  The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, the Queer Film Society, the Center on Halsted, and Chicago Filmmakers

presents Cinema Q,

a new film series celebrating outstanding LGBT movies made in Chicago.

The free screenings will take place on four Wednesdays: March 16, 23, 30, and April 6, 2011 in the Chicago Cultural Center’s Claudia Cassidy Theater. All screenings will feature a discussion and Q&A following the film. Films contain mature subject matter. Viewer discretion advised.

Wednesday, March 16

Quearborn & Perversion (2007): Join filmmaker Ron Pajak for a screening and discussion of his documentary about the history of gay and lesbian culture in Chicago.

Wednesday, March 23

Go Fish (1994):  Rose Troche’s shot-in-Chicago lesbian romance has become an indie classic!  Also showing, never before seen outtakes from Fish Out of Water, the acclaimed 2009 documentary that explores the relationship between homosexuality and the Bible, with filmmaker Ky Dickens in person!

Wednesday, March 30

JoJo Baby (2010):  The Clive Barker executive produced documentary portrait of artist and Chicago nightclub legend JoJo Baby, with JoJo in person!  Also showing, Peter Neville’s music videos of local gender bending rock-n-roll group The Joans with Peter Neville in person!

Wednesday, April 6

Were the World Mine (2008):  The award winning gay musical reimagining of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer’s Night Dream,” with local cast and crewmembers in person! Followed by a complimentary dessert reception in the G.A.R. Rotunda (courtesy of J & L Catering)

ALL  SHOWS  at  6:30        ALL SHOWS  ARE FREE
Chicago Cultural Center’s Claudia Cassidy Theater   78  E.  Washington


Cazwell and Amanda Lepore! Saturday Feb. 12th at Hydrate

Under The Big Red Top
comes to Chicago!

The queen and king of New Yorks  nightlife scene arrive in Chicago, this weekend!  

Amanda Lepore has always been the bearer of curiosities, and it’s commonly known that her parties come hand-in-hand with brusque displays of exhibitionism: all skin and sparkle, and anything less would be an insult.

Cazwell. What can we say?

Few new artists embody the spirit of downtown NYC more completely than Cazwell. A leading figure in the renaissance of New York City nightlife that has taken place over the last five years, Cazwell’s music—a ridiculously fun mix of electrified dance music and old school hip hop—is the perfect example of the new spirit of pop music. Says Caz, “When people ask me how to describe my style sometimes I say ‘Just imagine if Biggie Smalls ate Donna Summer for breakfast.’”

Hydrate and Jagermeister is proud to present …..AMANDA LEPORE AND CAZWELL, Saturday, February 12th!!!!  Cazwell will be live at 10pm.  and he will spin the night away!  Amanda performs at Midnight.  Cazwell will be spinning all night long for you until 5am!

These 2 always put on an excellent show. And these two have been collaborating for years!

Cazwell is  executive producer, brainchild and songwriter behind Amanda Lepore’s upcoming debut album “I…Amanda Lepore” also due this Spring.

The album features such Caz-penned Lepore classics as “Champagne,” “My Hair Looks Fierce,” (which has already been tapped for a television theme song!) and the rambunctious pop punk ode to love “Cotton Candy.” Caz also guest stars in the “Cotton Candy” music video directed by Bec Stupak which will be Amanda’s premiere release for her album!

About being Sonny to a traninternational Cher, Caz says, “I love working on the Amanda record because she’s so interesting and has had such a crazy life. She has a very different point of view. I think that is makeup for an amazing album. I think we definitely achieved that with ‘I…Amanda Lepore’”


General Admission tickets are only $15 in advance, $20 at the door. There will also be a VERY LIMITED quantity of VIP meet and greet tickets for only $25! 
Hydrate     3458 North Halsted Street

Best Gay


NUDE DUDES Chicago Mens Nudist Group Gains Popularity

grows in popularity
and attracts the attention of TIME OUT. 

NudeDudes Chicago was founded in August 2006 when its founders, mostly a group of younger and gay male nudists, were discussing how way too many of their friends do not want to come to nudist or naturist groups’ events because they are far younger than most of the people that attend them. Realizing that more of their friends who are interested in the nudist or naturist lifestyle would be more comfortable in an environment made up of peers of similar ages, the original founders set out to throw a nude party.

Cofounder Glenn-Paul Nehlsen, 38, who discovered naturism through an ex-boyfriend, says that other local naturist groups like C.A.N.S. (Chicago Area Naturist Sons) tend to attract older men. Nehlsen, his roommate Jack and others were looking to hang out sans clothing with guys their age. They placed ads on Craigslist and in chat rooms, quickly generating interest. The original founders said they honestly did not have high expectations, as finding others into the nudist/naturist lifestyle had always been a challenge. But the idea was more popular than they thought!

This month TIME OUT did a feature about their nude Poker Game . About 45 naked guys ages 20-40 showed up in Boystown for a night of  gambling! 

NDC events are all nonsexual; the group’s website makes clear that sexual advances are unwelcome. “It can be a challenge,” Nehlsen says, “but people are mostly respectful and they follow the rules.”

Check it out!   Nude Dudes Chicago

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Strike A Pose! LGBTQ Balls Thrive on Chicago’s South Side

It’s a snowy December night
on the South Side
and the ballroom has
filled up quickly.

There are guys in tailored suits, girls in red-heeled Louboutins. There are pop-gothy capes and futuristic glasses. The crowd is gathered around a catwalk — and everyone is young, black and queer.

This is a ball. An underground LGBTQ contest where participants compete by “walking” — showing off themed outfits and voguing — a stylized house dance that continues to evolve. They are competing for trophies and the hope to become “legendary” — famous not only in Chicago but the entire community, which now spans the globe. Balls found fame with Paris is Burning, a documentary about the New York scene, but Chicago’s had its own ball circuit for as long as New York — one that has its own trends, culture and history. And as the Internet popularizes the community, Chicago is seeing another wave in the resurgence of balls.

An awesome article by Rachel Rabbit White. (with photos by Edmund X. White.), ran this week on GAPERS BLOCK about the scene happening on Chicago’s South Side!

The competition is ferocious. Grade Fs are flipped easily from the judges table. A dancer doesn’t need to just be spectacular, but adhere perfectly to the rules of the category. The wrong color in your outfit and you are out — chopped! Ball Houses are necessary for competition. At the December Ball, the crowd chanted their house name in time with the DJ. When one of their members walked, the room filled with “E-vis-u, E-vis-u.” This way the judges know if someone from their house is walking — no one denies nepotism has its place.

The next Chicago ball everyone is abuzz about is in March; it’s a best-of-the-year for the 40 major balls held in 2010 across the Midwest. There is now about a ball a month in Chicago and more and more kids keep getting turned on to the movement. Chicago’s ballroom scene would do best to forget about competing with New York, and own being the destination for a majority of the country — the place where all of the ball kids nearby look for inspiration and direction.

Read the full article now !


William S. Burroughs A MAN WITHIN opens at Music Box January 21st


 Jonathan “Yony” Leyser is a  25-year-old filmmaker and photographer, from Chicago, who’s been kicked out of two art schools!

With help from Burroughs editor and executor James Grauerholz, Leyser has interviewed more than 100 friends, associates, and admirers of the writer, including John Waters, Gus Van Sant, Iggy Pop, Laurie Anderson, Jello Biafra, Amiri Baraka, and a poisonous snake collector named Dean Ripa. The result is a brilliant documentary and it will debut in Chicago at the Music Box, January 21st.

Leyser’s William S. Burroughs: A Man Within is the first full-length documentary to look at the entire life of the Beat and punk icon, author of Junky, Queer, and Naked Lunch. “I’m trying to figure out who the man was behind the persona, behind the monster,” Leyser says. “He opened up queer and junkie culture and new avenues of thinking, but in his personal life he really struggled. You see through the interviews a deeply tortured man, who spoke openly about queer things yet couldn’t bear to be in a relationship.”

“My respect for Burroughs, the queer icon, is equal to my respect for him as a literary artist, a counterculture superstar and a rabble-rouser par excellence,” Leyser says. “His being queer was only one of many ways in which his proclivity to spit in the face of religious, conservative, thoughtless moral judgments attracted me.”

The film has already ganered lots of attention at film festivals around the world, and we are excited to see it coming to Chicago this month!

William S. Burrounghs   A MAN WITHIN
Opens January 21st  @    Music Box    3733 N. Southport Ave.

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Chet Haze – Chicago Northwestern Hottie and Rapper

So I am walking down the street the other, down near Michigan Avenue. And there are always hotties everywhere! And we are always on the lookout for potential new male models .

I run into this young guy with a great face!  I stop him and I give him a card, and said he should call us for a  “test shoot” sometime. He blushed, and explained he had never done any modeling, but had done a bit of acting and right now is in school and trying to become known as  white rapper. He said his name was Chet Haze and we should friend each other on Facebook.

So I ran home and did!

Chet has had roles in the Bratz movie and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls,  AND he is the son of TOM HANKS!

TOM HANKS is not someone
I would necessarily call  a HOTTIE!  But Chet….could stop traffic.

Some people find him sexy, I guess. And you may know Colin Hanks? He’s Tom’s  other son, and you’ve probably seen him in Orange County, King Kong, or Mad Men. He’s very cute and charming, just like his old man.

CHET HAZE, the OTHER  son, has the internet is going mildly berserk over the fact his song ‘White and Purple (Northwestern Remix )’ is inspired by the prestigious college he attends. – Yes, he goes to Northwestern in Chicago

I am not a fan of rap…but he is such a hottie, you just have to check it out.

Come on….You know you want to follow him on Facebook  and Twitter !

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TIESTO Comes to Chicago for the Biggest Dance Event Concert in the Midwest

The world’s most
popular DJ
is back and bigger
than ever!
This is going to be the largest Tiesto concert event that Chicago has yet seen! In fact, this could be largest Tiesto concert the Midwest has ever seen!

Come party with almost 10,000 fellow Tiesto fans and be witness to what can simply be described as a massive party under one unified vibe!

Saturday, November 20th, 2010      TIESTO  w/ Special Guest: ADRIAN LUX

@   UIC Pavilion     1150 W Harrison St | Chicago
6 HOURS OF MUSCI!    6pm – 12am  ,  17 + to enter | 21 + to drink

21 + Afterparty at Vision  ‘til 5am
Voted #1 Mega Club in the US by URB Magazine, and top 100 clubs in the world by DJ Mag, Vision opens its doors to over 2000 club-goers each week and provides an array of music choices and party environments. Simply put – Vision is currently Chicago’s Crown Jewel of nightclubs; and its only world-class mega club. Blending the elemental forces of fire and water with visual eye candy over a one-of-a-kind 3 room nine-level design, VISION is one of Chicago’s most unique spaces.


If it’s Wednesday it must be Latvia. Tonight Tiësto plays to 15,000 dance enthusiasts and music fans in the Baltic State. Already this week the legendary Dutch DJ has wowed the Balearic masses at his summer-long Monday residency at Privilege. Tomorrow he’s off to Italy. The day after, Greece.


This is very much business as usual for Tiësto, the ultra-busy DJ who turned the playing of trance music into an artform and whose achievements are unsurpassed.

Inspired by the likes of U2, he invested heavily in the live aspect of his sets, employing his own sound, light and visual crews, creating arena-friendly dance music spectaculars . His concerts are a visual feast for the eyes!


He has been nominated for a Grammy, had worldwide hit singles (his remix of Delerium’s Silence featuring Sarah McLachlan ; Dance4Life featuring Faithless’s Maxi Jazz ), performed at the opening ceremony of the Athens Olympics with music he composed especially for the occasion, wowed the rock festival crowds at Coachella .

‘Because people care,’ is Tiësto’s response when asked to account for his huge success, ‘and they see that I care. I’m very honest in what I do. It’s not an act or a gimmick. It’s pure, it’s emotion.’

When you see me DJ you know I feel it and I love what I do. The real thing. When you see me play you know you are seeing someone who plays not because he has to but because he loves it. For this champion of the people, it’s not just about his undeniable ability to create a party in any venue, large or small, in any place in the world, but also about how the music moves people. Makes them feel something. People write letters saying, ‘I was going through a bad period but your music and your show made me feel good.’

Nelly Furtado and Tiësto started off as mutual admirers, but after making her way to Tiësto’s performance at the 2008 Miami Winter Music Conference (she’d come along with her producer Timbaland) Furtado instantly agreed to be involved, and a few weeks later she gave Tiësto an idea for a song that would become, ‘Who Wants To Be Alone’.

Say hello to a new Tiësto. Yes, he’s the world’s most popular DJ. But the ceaseless desire to innovate that has pushed Tiësto to the top of his game, propelled him to seek out some of the best musicians around, wherever in the world they – or he – happened to be. ‘I’ve worked with these handpicked artists because they´re people I admire hugely, and because they make my music better. It’s more fulfilling for me to work like this, but a lot harder and more challenging.’




GET TICKETS for this Amazing Tiesto Chicago Appearance!

Ticketmaster Online   

 or at   UIC Box Office | 525 S. Racine | Thur & Fri 9pm – 4am

or order by phone   1-800-745-3000

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Billy Bragg at Dominican University Sept 10th

Billy Bragg ,

is an English alternative rock musician and left wing activist who blends elements of folk music, punk rock and protest songs, and his lyrics mostly deal with political or romantic themes. Bragg has been an outspoken opponent of fascism, racism, bigotry, sexism and homophobia , and is a supporter of a multi-racial Britain.

This week, BRAGG will perform at Dominican Univeristy.
Friday  September 10th.

Billy Bragg’s next album will be a collaboration with singer Rosanne Cash , he revealed this week. The English rabble-rouser has already started writing new songs, and plans to record with Cash and producer Joe Henry in Los Angeles this November.

Dominican University Performing Arts Center
7900 West Division St.    River Forest, IL 60305

Directions can be found online, or directions can be given via the phone by calling the DUPAC Box Office 708-488-5000.


Best Gay Chicago


Vintage Drag and Fashion Runway Show and Market in Highwood September 18th

The City of Highwood and Image Pilots, producers of
Chicago’s high energy, retro-spectacle Randolph Street Market Festival, will end its inaugural season with a bang. Opening its arms to the gay community on Saturday September 18th from 10 am to 6 pm, the Fest will feature a Vintage Drag and Fashion Runway Show at 12:30 pm, along with a magnificent Martini bar, fabulous food, live music and, of course, shopping.

Attracting vendors from all across the U.S., the festival brings the area’s largest monthly vintage and indie designer event to the North Shore, where shoppers will find all the best in antiques, collectibles and vintage treasures from the 1800’s to Mid-Century Modern to Punk 1980’s. Interior designers and decorators, personal shoppers and stylists can find some of the most unique items from jewelry, furniture, clothing, linens, silver, glass, and more, at this unique and eclectic upscale antique market.

“It has been great being a part of Highwood this year, and we want to make sure the gay community is aware of what this Festival and wonderful city offers,” says Sally Schwartz, founder of Image Pilots. “Highwood is a great destination for dining, entertainment and shopping, and only a Metra stop away from the City of Chicago.”

The Last 2010 Weekend
Kicks Off with Martini’s & Drag in the Park,
Saturday September 18th

“Ladies” of Chicagoland will invade Highwood and be strutting their stuff around the Highwood Street Market on Saturday September 18th. Headlining the day will be a vintage drag and fashion runway show at 12:30 pm at the Festival’s gazebo. The show will feature local drag queens modeling vendors’vintage clothing, as well as impersonation performances. Local restaurant vendors will be selling their food and YES! Vodka will provide mouthwatering martinis, all the ingredients for a perfect picnic in the park. With Highwood being an easy Metra train ride from the city, Chicago’s gay community in encourage to come up, shop around, and enjoy the show while lounging with martinis.

Antique Appraisal Tent-
The Highwood Street Market Festival brings together some 100 vendors from all over the United States, as well as local independent designers, to showcase their high-end antiques and vintage wares,including jewelry, bags, artwork and furniture. Attendees will also have the opportunity to find out the value of their antique treasures at the Antique Appraisal Tent for $5 per item.


WHEN: September 18th and 19th
Saturday from 10am-6pm and special extended hours on Sunday from 10am-5pm(Drag Show on Saturday only.)

WHERE: The Festival will fill the parking lots of the Highwood Library (102 Highwood Avenue)and Everts Park

PRICE: Admission is $6 and good for both days, and is free to Highwood residents with ID. Military men and woman and kids under 12 are free. Advanced discount tickets can be purchased for $5 online at Highwood Street Market .



PARKING: Free and ample street parking is available. Valet Parking is also available. Parking also at the Oak Terrace School is located on S. Central Avenue off Route 22.

 For more information call 312-666-1200

FYI – The Randolph Street Market Festival is an internationally recognized European-style indoor and outdoor market in Chicago’s West Loop district that features more than 200 select purveyors of high quality, value-priced “finds,” offering unlimited creative inspiration and hours of shopping and entertainment. The Market is located along the 1350 block of W. Randolph Street and will take place on  Sept. 25-26, Saturday 10 a.m.–5p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. General admission $12, good for both days. Tickets are $9 when purchased online at; $5 admission for students with ID. Children 12 and under free. For more information, visit Randolph Street Market .

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