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Topher Payne’s dark comedy ‘Angry Fags’


Pride Films and Plays is doing a play called Angry Fags. It’s a Chicago premiere written by Topher Payne.

It will be performed in Spring 2015 in the Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s Garage Repertory produced by Pride Films and Plays.

It’s funny.  It’s dark. It’s the most important show you’ll see next year.

Yes, we know it is controversial and will get some people upset. We can’t even get the Chicago Tribune to print the full title.  So we need you to DONATE NOW to help us make this production as good as it can be, and reach as wide an audience as possible.

Angry Fags is a play about doing whatever it takes to win. It’s a battle-cry and a cautionary tale; it’s Oscar Wilde-meets-Tarantino! It’s about being in the trenches, about continuing to push forward and fight. Angry Fags does not want to wait while it gets better. Angry Fags wants to MAKE IT BETTER NOW. We are excited for the opportunity to perform as part of Steppenwolf Theatre
Company’s Garage Rep. But that means we have over twice as many seats to fill as we have had for any of our other shows this year, which means we need additional marketing dollars to reach audiences outside of our regular base. Your donation today means we can not only reach people through social media, but with direct mail pieces to their homes. Your support helps us spread the work to non-gay media outlets that will enable us engage with audiences outside of our regular base.

We also need costumes and props for the actors including ‘Designing Women’ shoulder pads, ‘ Steel Magnolia’ hair supplies, cherry flavored stage blood, bathhouse towels, glitter-bombs, pistachios, red wine, Tequila sunrises, tazers, tiny cupcakes, cans of paint and a baseball bat. The show features a video wall of original and archival footage. It is a big project.

Please DONATE now!