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Best Clothing Store Boutique in Milwaukee

best vintage vinyl shop milwaukee

WELL, I was afraid to write about this place….because my best kept secret would be out of the bag! But it would be selfish of me not to share this gem WITH EVERYONE!

People ask me all the time where I buy my fantastic vintage shirts, and it’s usually here. – Plus they have a lot more than just vintage.

I have shopped at a LOT of vintage clothing stores from east coast to west coast, and LUV UNLIMITED is one THE BEST ever! (2649 S. Kinnickinnic in Milwaukee).

I Love them for their vintage finds but Luv Unlimited sells new, vintage & handmade clothing, accessories and jewelry for men and women.

They also offer new and vintage iron-ons which they professionally press on new American Apparel & Alternative Apparel shirts and sweatshirts. AND they offer hand-dipped and imported incense, records and gifts. ALL AT AFFORDABLE PRICES!

Sage Schwarm and Becky Heck are the owners.We opened in the spring of 2004.” Sage says. “At that time there were no other buy, sell, trade stores in Milwaukee and it drove us crazy, so we figured we’d have to do it ourselves. Now there are several, although many have come and gone.”

The store is very meticulous. Everything is very organized, hung neatly, displayed neatly and the vintage finds are top notch quality at affordable prices. You can tell a lot of thought goes into the store, in every way.


best milwaukee vintage clothing shop

Sage explains:
“We are different than other businesses like ours in several ways.


1- We buy from the public by appointment only. Most other places you bring in your stuff, and they give you a number and tell you it could be an hour or two or three. Because we buy by appointment we are able to give the customer immediate attention. The average wait is 10 – 20 minutes. To make a selling appointment call 414-744-2540 during business hours. For selling rules check the web site at


2- We create original stuff. Becky is a seamstress and designs all kinds of clothes. She also sells her original paintings, jewelry, duct tape wallets, etc. All of her creations fall under her label HEX DESIGNS.

She concentrates heavily on recycled and upcycled materials in all of her creations. I do a lot of original silk-screened tees, totes, etc.
3- We sell records. We have a nice little section of new and used vinyl. We also sell on Our seller page is at and we deliver worldwide.

–The record section is a good distraction for your partner who hates sitting around while you shop for clothes, and the rest of the store is a good distraction for your partner who hates to wait while you dig for records!

4- We also have incense, jewelry, accessories, and we have the occasional guest DJs spinning while you shop!


best resale shop milwaukee best vintage clothes milwaukee best vintage clothing milwaukee


best vintage drag clothes milwaukee

Most of you young readers don’t even remember vinyl!

There were always record collectors who disdained the compact disc, arguing that an LP’s grooves yielded warmth and depth that the CD’s digital code could not match.

But the market largely ignored them. Record labels shuttered their LP pressing plants, except for a few that pressed mostly dance music, since vinyl remained the medium of choice for D. J.s.

As it turned out, that early resistance was not futile, thanks largely to an audience of record collectors, many born after CDs were introduced in the 1980s.

Today WAX is getting more and more popular with music aficionados! Placing the needle to a disc is like turning back time – to a sound that once was.

Luv Unlimited LOVES their vintage vinyl and every week show off their new finds on their Facebook page!


best vintage kitsch milwaukee

Every time I wear a piece of clothing from Luv Unlimited I get countless comments – because the pieces I like and choose, are very unique. The owners have a definite eye for style. They are very particular about what they carry – which is why this store is so special. The piece may be 40 years old, but chances are it is in mint condition.



Luv Unlimited

Luv on Facebook

Sidenote: Sage is a musician as well – for several years he was in Codebreaker ( and currently my project is called The Sounds of Time ( ). Here’s a link to their latest video