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Chicago Gay Pride Details for 2012 Announced – Curb Your Dinking??

On average, the last few years numbers for  Chicago Gay Pride Parade day have swelled to about 400,000-500,000.    This summer, 2011,  we had amazing record temperatures of 75-77 – I have never witnessed temps that perfect!  It is usually a sweltering 85-95! 

It is my humble opinion, that numbers for the parade swelled this year to 800,000 – because of the perfect weather.  I interviewed hundreds of heterosexuals that said it was the very first Pride event this year. I think also, as GAY becomes more fashionable, more hipsters in Chicago want to be a part of it.

Well, Police and officials freaked out!  They found it hard to control the crowds. And I have always said,  by landlocking people on “the island”  (the triangle bottle neck area of Broadway – Halsted ) was a bad idea. What if there is a 911 Emergency?

DRINKING IS  A  BIG PROBLEM – some say.  So for 2012, Chicago is altering the route, size and starting time of its annual Gay Pride Parade to curb public drinking and accommodate crowds. Gays like to drink!  What can we say??

I think changing the route is good idea, eliminating the island.  But starting earlier?  I don’t think that will affect the drinking much….the parade  will step off at 10 a.m. instead of noon.

“Unless you’re a hard-core drinker, most people don’t drink at 10 o’clock in the morning,” said parade coordinator Richard Pfeiffer. Um, really?  I think on  a gay celebration day, people are gonna drink!

Ald. Tom Tunney (44th), Chicago’s first openly-gay aldermen, added, “There’s people concerned about alcohol being consumed on that day. Complaints are that people actually bring their coolers and consume a lot. An earlier start time will promote less drinking.”

The number of entries will be reduced from 250 to 200 to shorten the duration of the parade and return the streets to neighborhood residents sooner.

The route of the parade will be lengthened five blocks — from 17 to 22.

The new route will begin at the corner of Montrose and Broadway and travel south on Broadway to Halsted before turning east on Belmont, south on Broadway and east on Diversey to Canon Drive

The Chicago Gay Pride Parade was first held in 1970 with about 250 participants and spectators.