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Lesbian Comic Rebecca Drysdale sings It Gets Better

TIME magazine 
calls her a  comedy innovator

Variety says she
is  one of ten comics to watch !

You may have seen comedy maker Rebecca Drysdale  on HBO, MTV, or LOGO.

She also spent a great deal of time in Chicago. She moved here from NYC,  with her best buddy and writing partner Jordan Peele. The two of them became the sketch comedy duo Two White Guys and were soon shipped off to perform with BOOM Chicago, an American style comedy theatre in Amsterdam.

After losing her mind for a year, Rebecca returned to Chicago to tour with the Second City National Touring Company. Then she quit to go back to her summer camp Buck’s Rock. When she returned she was hired on a resident stage at The Second City in Chicago. After performing in two reviews on the ETC stage at The Second City,

Now the out and proud Lesbian is making a contribution to the “It Gets Better” project with a hilarious  music video for lgbtq kids everywhere!

It’s got a good beat and you can even dance to it!

Watch Rebecca Drysdales Awesome video today !  And spread the word!

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